Wendell Adams Jr.

Understanding Self

As i evolve and mature daily, its like an obstacle appears. Whatever the obstacle may be it has no grip over my life.

The people that surrond me, its like there not here. My vision, my passion, and goals is all that i see.

Im committed to my journey and will excel at all cost. Going backwards is not an option, because i know where it will lead me; Nowhere.

Becoming a better person and living righteous comes with a risk, of people hating and trying to knock me off my square.

But yet again, will not happen because in my vision they dont exist.

The more i grow and excercise new habits. the more i become mentally stronger to endure what has yet to come.

We all have heard the saying “only the strong survive”, but when you are locked up that saying becomes fully alive.

We are what we choose to be, and i choose to be great, someone that is on a journey to help others, because in my mind it is never to late.

The path that i lead now, is one of my greatest pleasures. Re-inventing myself as a man, instead of a known convict.

Currently im incarcerated and still living righteous, understanding self is what helped me start living conscious.

Before i close i want to encourage the people in society, to learn your self wholeheartedly. When you master yourself you have won part of the lesson.

The next lesson is to find your purpose and live out your vision. Peace to the universe..

Until next time, remain strong, focused and dedicated to your vision, your best has yet to come. Blessings to you all…..

Wendell Adams Jr.
DOC #881658

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  1. I have to point out a typo in my comment above. The exact wording of the Probation was ” Not to ATTEND on The Sparks Street Mall, or any other Street in Ottawa, for the PURPOSE of SPEAKING or SHOUTING.

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  2. I’ve done a few bits in Ottawa, CanaDa. In 1977, seeing this world was heading down a path to Destruction, I stood up on the Sparks Street Pestrian Mall in Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital, to exercise my Canadian Democratic Right of Freedom of Speech and share my concerns for the well being of our Common Future..

    I didn’t have organizers, money, advertisements or rented hall to speak and share my Vision of what I saw coming to my fellow human beings.

    I stood up on the Street at lunchtime and just started speaking. The people stopped to listen, and were starting to back up to the next block. That’s when the Police came and stopped my speech, arresting me for “shouting, causing a disturbance.” I was locked up in Maximum Security, Solitary Confinement for 5 days before appearing in front of a Judge. I suppose that was my 1st “bit” of jail time in my 30 years at that time.

    I went back the following week to finish my speech, and every time, the Police came and stopped my speech on the threat of being taken in. That was witnessed by the gathered multitude the 1st time, so for that Day, I stopped exercising my Democratic Right of Freedom of Speech. As no time in my speaking did I advocate violence among all the people. I had about 12 charges at the trial date.

    I was convicted of “Shouting, causing a disturbance” and given a 1 year probation with only 1 condition: Not to appear on The Sparks Street Mall, or any other Street in Ottawa, for the PURPOSE of SPEAKING or SHOUTING. The 1st real bit was getting 30 days for breach of that probation.

    Democracy Exposed!

    When I got out of Jail, I phoned THE OTTAWA CITIZEN, who recorded and published, for the Public Record, many more details than I wrote above. I said, “you projected a positive image. Now do you want to discuss the Substance? The answer was real simple, “You’re not news anymore.” C’est la Vie!

    That was 39 years ago. I think of the Biblical Joseph, who was sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt. He spent 10 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit. He was there long before anyone in our generations.

    In 1973 I had a Dream I cannot forget The details were posted to my Blog 5 years ago. I’m beginning my 73rd year, and I haven’t given up, getting stronger every Day. I’m sharing this in the hope some will take Courage and learn the Patience of God.

    February 26, 2011

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