Dickie Oppen Jr.


In my introduction I said I had done some bad things
in my past. I feel its only right that I share some of my
past history that lead me to come to prison.

First and formost I want to tell you that I had wonderful parents,
who took good care of me.

I was introduced to drugs at a young age and I became Shy and ashamed with lots of secrets. Not to mention I was a pathological lier.

Today I do not indulge in drugs or have any secrets.
I dont feel I have to lie about anything. Take me for who I am.

So for the record let me tell you what the state said.
” In the early morning of December 10 1998, Efrain Aguirre
was shot in his apartment in the Mount Vernon area.

Aguirre had been a known drug dealer. When police found
no drugs,or money in Aguirre’s apartment, they suspected that the killing was the result of a robbery.

Police began receiving anonymous tips that other known
drug dealers had been robbed in the Mount Vernon area
on the night that Aguirre was killed.

The investigation led police to Richard Oppen as a suspect in the crimes. Police arrested Oppen.

Oppen was charged with first degree felony murder.

The State alleged that Oppen had killed Aguirre while committing or attemting to commit the crime of first degree robbery.

Oppen was also charged with one count of second degree robbery,
with a firearm enhancement, for the robbery of Myra Lopez and
Javier Cruz. Which also occurred on December 9 1998.

Oppen was charged with one count of second degree assault with a firearm enhancement. The state alleged that Oppen had assulted
a man who was present in Aguirres apartment at the time of the murder.

Like I said I have no secets and I wont lie. The state got it
partley right. I was involved. So I might have well pulled the
trigger but that was not the case.
I was the driver. I guess it just dont matter.

I should mention I had three partners. Tim Abrahamson,
Mark Fulton, John kelly Renolds.

Tim Abrahamson had the guns.
To who pulled the trigger My guess is as good as anyones.
This is still a nightmare. I often Wakeup with the cold sweats.

I was given a 48 year prison sentence because I would not
accept 30 years flat time. Meaning no good time.

I did not get on the stand and fight. I felt worthless and out of gas. I did not care if I lived or died or what they did with me.

My co-defendants were given less time. I think Tim Abrahamson was given a six year term. And Mark fulton served fifteen years. Both are out on the streets.

Myself I,have acceped my fate and I have taken many classes and treatment to overcome addiction and anger issues.

Today I spend my time helping people with disabilities. I also teach rescue dogs obedance training.

In 2009 I gave my heary to christ, I quit fighting
the courts. And said I would spend my time being proactive
and helping to change my enviroment for the better.

Well I said I would share some history with you.
Its not a good one but I have to say that, I have changed
by thre grace of god and good peole who took the time
to mentor me thrugh life. I am greatful to all and for that
Thanks to Them all.

Have I made amends? no…. I dont know to who or how.
I often think this is why my dreams are haunted.

I hope I have not chased you off. I would like to blogg with you,
Your thoughts are valuable to me. If you would like to contact
me for comment or give advice please write me directly as
I donot have the ability to read your comments. My info is on the CONTACT page.

Dickie Oppen Jr.
DOC #947545

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