Jonathan Gordon

Commentary to Michigan & Texas violating Muslims Rights

In Texas there is only 5 Muslim chaplains who have to serve 30 prisons, and 102 ut of the total 121 TDCJ chaplains are Christian.

Here in Washington, we are having the same issues as in Texas. Particularly where I am at in Stafford Creek. This article hits home for me because I am a Muslim, and we are only allowed 1 hour a week, and that is not guaranteed, a lot of times we don’t even get services on Friday, they just cancel it, and we can’t have it with out an outside staff or sponsor present… we don’t have any Taleem or Qu’ran classes at all here.

Likewise, the Christians have services almost everyday of the week, except I think Tuesday & on many mornings during the week.

The US government is ANTI-Religion, and anyone who thinks that the US government cares about anyones religious right is being:

Especially in prison, where a high % of the officers, or their families were in the military, are still active, or they have kids deployed overseas in Muslim countries. The hatred for Muslims in prison, is outright, blatant and cruel. It is not true that the US has to give people their religious rights, they only give people the rights that they feel people are entitled to.

The question is not whether the US provides religious freedom, the question is: ARE WE GONNA CONTINUE TO ALLOW THE US TO CONTROL OUR RELIGIONS AND NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?
Everyone has rights, if it can be taken away at the liberty of the government, it is not a right in their eyes.

Like I was saying, being the fact that a lot of prison staff has been in Muslim lands, they have fought against Muslims, they have a hatred and prejudice towards them and working in prison gives them an oppurtunity to lash out on the object of their hatred.

Likewise I have met many officers who were deployed in Muslim lands and were humbled by the experience, they got to experience another culture and way of life foreign to them, and got to see the prejudices that people have are unfounded and unfair. At Walla Walla I even met a couple officers who after being overseas became Muslims–HOW ABOUT THAT?

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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