Ramone Echols

‘Bout That Life…

It’s funny to me how people grow up in small towns , suburbs , and other little places where they can live cool lives , but they act like they’re from a real ghetto. I know this chick that’s originally from Portland , Or , she grew up in Kent , Wa , and she really try to act like she ’bout that life. Now , Kent was the first place I went to when I came to Washington the first time at fifteen , and Coming from Chicago , I was already ’bout that life when I got here. It was way too slow for me when I got here , and I was young so I didn’t appreciate the situation I was placed in. This chick act like her life is so hard , like she so tough , and like she so ghetto. I told her ” that life is going to be tough when you have six kids by three different dudes by the time you turn twenty-six , and you need to quit acting like you’re really turned up & about that life cause you haven’t even seen what turned up looks like up close and personal. ” She lets her mouth & attitude override her common sense , but because she’s in Kent , Wa , she can get away that. She just recently let her mouth and attitude almost write her @$$ a check that she can’t cash , and the check might actually be written because my momma told my sister Shay about how she got very disrespectful with me. I talked to Shay , and I didn’t even tell her about ol’ girl getting besides herself , cause Shay really ’bout that life. She lucky I’m not ’bout that life no more or else I would let Shay get on her & show her that she ain’t ’bout that life. Now , with that being said I’ll leave y’all with this : I guess when you start getting pregnant at fifteen , have six out of seven kids by three of the four dudes you were pregnant by before the age of twenty-six , let your momma raise your kids until she dies , become an alcholic , start using powder , sit around waiting to collect checks , hop from one school to the next just to hit for financial aid / student loans , let your oldest daughter have sex & smoke w33d in your house at fifteen , let your fourteen year old daughter pack a bag for the weekend to go kick it with dudes that’s eighteen to twenty-two , and you would rather be a renter instead of an owner I guess you would begin to think that you’re ghetto , and try to act like you ’bout that life. The reality of it is she’s a real loser , and that’s the life she ’bout. Like Nas said about the little cat in Belly that was hustlin’ on the bench in the jets ” The real loser type. No hope for the future. ” Song of the day : Wonda Why They Call You Bitch – 2PAC

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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