Steve Anderson


When we focus our attention on the self instead of egos & perceptions
it’s not as if we’re suddenly going to appear odd.

We aren’t going to become unnaturally introverted.

We will seem quite the same. Others will see what they see. Our
outer personalitity will remain the same. The difference is that we
are playing the game consciously rather then reacting mechanically.

The main difference we will notice in ourselves is that we’re
lighter, as if some burden or weight has been lifted. We may
because more cheerful, more spontaneous, less inhibited, less rigid.

When we are concerned about others, we tend to become ponderous
and staid. Our else we become completely artificial in our efforts to
impress them, to put on a good show for their benfit.

When we begin to see the truth, instead of withering away, our
natural personality blossoms fully, as God originally intended it to be.

People stay strong and keep your head up & give time to you, to know
you is understanding your apart to truth in having a healthy life, always do what you can, just as its nice to be nicer even just with a smile !



Someone told us not to gossip about others, not even to listen
to gossip about others. First of all, what we hear about others is
usually not completely accuate, it is almost never the whole truth of
the matter, & alot of them just want to talk telling on themselves.

When we allow things we hear about others to affect our feelings
towards another, we loss true discrimination rights, by their words, &
to allow it makes us not get to give a fair shot to another, so heres a
good reason for you to seek truth, its not safe to be just a inheritor.

Thats why when one does give time in analysising self, you wil
come to see many flase beliefs inplace for no good reasons, this
process is apart of seeking truth, & sound knowledge & most
importantly getting to know you is rewarding always.

When anyone tells us anything about another person, it only tells us
something about the one who is talking, some truth is to be shared
but just talking about another or repeating anothers words is a waste !

The things she notices about others, the things she finds interesting about others, & the ways in which she complains about others will tell us much about her, & little about others.

Gossip accentuates the sense of duality.

No one is actually the way they appear to be, our own mind creates
many fantasies about people, some of which attact us and some of
which repel us.

We hate people because of what we project onto them, we are angry
with them because of what we superimpose upon them, we become
infatuated with them because of how we imagine them to be.

We created characters out of each other that don’t even exist, within
themselves it funny cause we get upset when they don’t show up
for the part to be played out.

We argue & complain to others all because of our own imagination.

Until we know the self, we can’t assume that we see the truth about

While relating to another, we can observe whether we have more of
a sense of being the seer or the seen.
The seer is the self. Identification
with the seen is the ego. When we are conscious of being seen, then
we are caught up in the other.

If we are focused on the self, then we are truly seeing, perceiving,
When we identify with being the seen, then we experience
what we know as self consciousness.

There is no reson ever to be caught in the sense of beng looked at.

This is weakening. Instead we can practice maintaining the perspective
of always being the seer.
To be in charge is to know who you are.


Well take care,

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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