Ramone Echols

Black Lives Matter

Really ? And why now ? All of a sudden there’s camaras’ all over the place and the police are getting airplay daily in the media or social media wih the wrong doing they do , now black lives matter . ” WE ” been trying to tell the world for years that the ones who were supposed to be protecting us are the ones we really need protection from , but it was falling on deaf ears cause they just figured it was BS cause the only ones complaining was cats like me. Now that it’s happening to the John Q. Citizens of the black communities , black lives matter. Black lives should’ve been mattering back in the 60’s , 70’s , 80’s , 90’s , & 00’s. My hometown is nicknamed CHI-RAQ , and has been called that for many years now cause they say more bodies have been dropped in Chicago since 2003 , than Iraq. And they just now saying ” black lives matter ” , get the f*ck outta here !!!! Black men & women are the highest
population of incarcerated people of all races , and we’ve been getting locked up & f*cked over by the criminal ” justice ” system for many many moons , but now black lives matter ? Get the f*ck outta here !!!! What happened is , whoever started that movement finally had it hit close to home , or it hit home. There’s a show on MTV 2 called Uncommon Sense , hosted by that clown @$$ lame Charlemange ( however you spell it ) . I don’t care for his clown @$$ , and I never agree with anything that hater let come out of his mouth , and this is why. He said something like some lives matter , and he started talking about serial killers , sex offenders , politicians , and whoever else. If his momma or somebody close to him fit into any of those catagories he wouldn’t be saying that dumd @$$ sh!t. He’s a f*cking CLOWN , and that’s one black life that doesn’t matter to me. Now , with that being said I’ll leave y’all with this ; As kids we are taught that the police are here to protect & serve , but we weren’t told that that meant they PROTECT their own when they f*ck up and SERVE the people with the BS. Black Lives Matter , but so does everyone else no matter their race , color , creed , or sexual preference ( and I believe Charlemange is gay too ). We shouldn’t allow their actions to be the reason that we care about US. We should care about US , because history has shown Us that if we don’t nobody else will. Song of the day : Smile – Scarface featuring Tupac.

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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