Daniel Turner


So this county clerk in Kentucky refuses to issue marriage licenses because she (or her god) doesn’t like gay marriage. I agree with her one-hundred percent. After all, she’s just trying to save her eternal soul. She worships a god that’s going to damn her if she attaches her name to a gay marriage certificate, so it just makes sense. But now, I’m sure that perfect loving deity, that creator of the universe, is going to consider her a true heroine, a martyr for the cause. She is really doing important work.

Get real. Why can’t these people grow up? No one cares if you disagree with gay marriage as a part of your religious belief. No conflict there. The conflict arises when you try to FORCE your religious belief on other Americans in a free society. That’s it. You want them to live YOUR way, under YOUR religion’s antiquated moral views. Well, here’s the bad news: We don’t live in a Christian theocracy. Get used to it.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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