Prison Dad

I am fighting a battle with both my incarceration and the American Media for the duty of raising my child. How can I win?

Phone calls with in DOC are by law required to be comparativly priced and not grossly over Inflated.

Out of state calls are over 5$ per 20 minute call. Compaired with a monthy plan by any major phone company with unlimited plans starting around 30-40$ what is the deffinition of comparativly priced the DOC is using?

When 100 minutes of DOC phone time Is nearing the rate of an unlimited monthly plan that conservitevly can clear 1000 + minutes for near the same price…….somthing is wrong.

And who is paying it?

Friends and family on the finantial end.

Who is paying the emotional bill of the lack of communication?




This gross capitalization on the communities and families of the incarcerated is greed filled. It is creating stress and finantial strain while driving a wedge of seperation between incarcerated parents and there stuggling children.

That incarcerated parent sized hole left in a young childs life is going to be filled with, among other things, the American Media and the warped definition of beauty, promotion of mass consumption, and other questionable ideals that come with it.

This lack of guidance and communication caused by incarceration and
Further accelerated by the unreasonable price of phonecalls is
leaving holes in the foundation and fabric of children of incarcerated parents.

This wedge could be filled to some extent with concistant, afordable communication in the physical absence of the incarserated parent.

I can see the problem clearly from the inside. But I belive the seed of
Change is carried by those of you in the free world. My voice, like my body, is in shackels.

If you feel in your heart that tug of truth when you read this, let your voice be heard. Thanks for your time.

Todd Bass
DOC #861671

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