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As a kid my dad wasn’t really around for me,he was off doing his own thing & never cared to come look for me or even come to my highschool graduation-of 6 years of highschool. But I did get to meet my real dad & he was the […]

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My Heart

She beats with courage and fearlessness. She laughs long and smiles deep. My heart is out there in the free world. She knows right from wrong. She wonders about beautiful things. My heart is always Growing. She is open to lifes lessons. She is always getting better. My […]

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Prison Dad

I am fighting a battle with both my incarceration and the American Media for the duty of raising my child. How can I win? Phone calls with in DOC are by law required to be comparativly priced and not grossly over Inflated. Out of state calls are over […]

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