James Chambers

James Chambers

Though all the years that have pasted we still have an amazing love story ! 16years ago,I had an amazing woman in my life and we had great relationship. I loved her very much and she loved me ,but I was making some very bad choices at that time . She was trying to get me to stop but i just would not listen . I just dug my hole deeper until finally i was arrested and recieved 39year sentence for all non violent crimes ie drugs ,guns, leaving the scene of accident ! Lora was devasted and so was I ,we wrote for sometime but slowly it stop I understand that 39years was alongtime so it was very hard on her! But over the years i thought of her and talked to peaple that knew her . Even though we werent in touch I still always wondered how was doing .I always wanted to write but was not sure how is would be recieved I was aliitle afraid of being rejected or disrupting her life , whats crazy is i still loved her . It was 1999 when i got arrested so for 16 years I have always thought about her and on jan 4th of 2015 i recieved acard from her with her phone # to call her . i called her that night and hearing her voice brought back every feeling i had for her in was awesome how close i felt to her just hearing her voice ! love is such a powerful force god is awesome !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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