Daniel Turner


It never fails in this place; there is always a chorus of anti-intellectual nonsense, people saying, “What’s the point of that, I’m never going to need it in my life.” Yes, because education is very underrated. All of those successful people in life got that way by spurning book-learnin.

I’ve heard that question from guys who know me, and they see me reading a non-fiction book, or studying history or Latin. “What does that matter in life?” Well, I have practical reasons why I study the things I study, and it does benefit my life, but even putting those aside, there is a better question for them. What do the things that YOU are doing matter in life? How is watching trash TV, playing cards, gambling, getting into trouble, and talking shit going to benefit your life in any way? It’s a question I had to ask myself years ago, when I had that same mindset, and I have no regrets that I answered it correctly.

Daniel Turner
DOC #767569

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