Jarvais Warren


Jarvais Warren DOC #353338
DOB – 5.15.84
Assualt in the first degree (8.8.2011-late 2018)

Contact info: warrenjarvais1984@yahoo.com (put email in search box on Facebook to find me on there also)

Shows : Mad money, Sharktank, Squidbillies

Artist: Lil wayne, Taylor Swift, Eminem

Book: How to make money in stocks (William J. O’Neil)

One word to describe myself: Strange

Im a 30yr old inmate trying to make applejuice with life’s lemons.
I have never been to fond of lemonade.

I am currently halfway done with my sentence, but I call it college.
To pass the time I’ve learned Native American beading. It has help my time pass and has a way of relaxing me. Beading and weights help alot.

To educate myself I’ve taken welding and I’m teaching myself economics
I just completed welding and I’m now waiting to be sent to a camp.
Camp is where they send you when you have about four years left to do. This is my first time in prison (and last) and first time going to a camp. I have no idea what to expect lol.

This blog is to track my thoughts, and transition to my new home.
Follow me as I make sense of nonsense and get use to my new cage.



Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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