Jai'mar Scott

Blessings In The Midst Of Your Storm




He was describing a situation that he got into on the basketball court which almost turned ugly . It was steps from a all out brawl between two people who are known for being aggresive fighters .

I think that it would have been a really good fight , yes there is such a thing as a good fight. It may not have been right or even the mature thing to do, but it might have been epic .

To make a long story short , i am the scott that steven was talking about. That day we both had a decision to make: to act like men and reason, or to act like the animals that the world thinks that we are.

We both had and still do have alot to lose , however in the heat of the game , our competetive nature arose and tempers flared . One thing that i am greatful for is ” OUR ” good sense to take a step back and really see the situation for what it really was ….. nothing !

Plus , steven had just knocked out some dumb wanna-be tough guy and i didnt want to have to pay that kind of attention to anyone . Thats what you have to do when you are in a scrap or you go night-night .

Whats really ironic about all of this, is that steven and i have become really good friends . Its amazing that a guy that i once wanted to fight has offered so much to my life. It is because of steven , that i have started blogging and have met so many people.

So out of this adversity came a blessing . Be on the look out for your blessings in the midst of your storm .

Thanks steven.

Until the next time . Be safe out there.

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