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There is no greater feeling than having a big, fat, smile on your face from ear to ear.

People take things to serious these day. What happen to laughing and smiling.

My biggest reason to smile is the woman of my dreams. My best friend, the love of my life, my fiance. She has made me laugh, cry, and smile for over 17 years.

Life seem more simple when your happy and care-free. Not everything has to be all business. People tend to forget what it is like to smile. They worry to much about what lies ahead that they often forget that being happy is apart of life. An essential part of life itself.

Granted, life has its moments were business must be taken care of. Work must be done. Bills to be paid on time and so on and so on but don’t forget to be happy and smile.

I have spent the majority of my life in prison. There wasn’t much to be happy and smiling about. But over the years i’ve realize that being unhappy was really depressing. I was fortunate to have a beautiful woman by my side to make me laugh and smile when times were’nt all that great. When there wasn’t nothing to smile about.
But i refuse to forget how to smile. How to be happy. How to laugh and not always take everything to seriously. Loosen up and let go. You will be amazed what will become of it. Becomes of you.

But there is an ugly side to this also. I understand that not everyone has somebody to make them happy. Someone to make them smile and laugh. So i say this to those who feel like there is nothing left. That all is lost. Wake up with a smile, let others see you smile. Let that smile be contagious. People cant help but ask what are you smiling about.

There’s a simple answer to that question. I’m alive. I’m breathing.


John Phet
DOC #843064

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  1. What an amazingly insprirational post. If more people adapted your understanding of the power of simply SMILING (which doesn’t cost a thing) the world would be a much more warm and fuzzy place to live in. Thank you so much for sharing…and for keeping the smile on my face 😋


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