Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

At one time I was a bad guy with false beliefs about, let’s just say, a lot.

I am Steve Anderson. I’m 50 years old at this time. Yes, I am incarcerated in Washington State. I’m open to share truth on that, one-on-one. I am a Muslim with an open & positive mind. My goal is to share a multitude of topics that will bring the anew into your life. Freely.

I hope the deliverency of my message will offer a new understanding or just a thought. The knowledge that I have downloaded into my heart and soul is to be given to my love ones. The people who give their time to my words will be enlightened. Never limiting yourself but staying open to all possibilities.

It is never my intention to offend anyone as I speak on my beliefs as a Muslim. These are the words of a sincere and humble man. A man who strives to be just and compassionate. A man inspired to be and give better.

My contact info is on this sites Contact page if you’d like to write or email me.


Steven Anderson
DOC #288318

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