Tony Gidican


Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Tony Gidican. I’m a 27 year old Phillipino, Italian man.

I fell July, 4th 2006 at the tender age of 19. I’ve been in for over 8 years. I get out April, 2nd 2019. For those keeping track that’s 12 years 9 months.

On the streets I lived a thuggish lifestyle. One early morning I was engaged in a heated argument with a group of guys. Someone pulled a gun. In self-defense I pulled my P95 Rugger and started dumpin’ on their asses. That move ended my freedom! Luckily no one was hit.

I came to prison with the street thug mentality. I was constantly fighting and getting in trouble. I was losing good time. I was always doing time in the hole. It sucked!

As I grow and get older, I recognized the need for change. It’s not easy. But I have the desire.

Through Stone City Blog, I will share my stories and struggles.

I hope to gain some insight as I reflect on my past. I hope to gain the strength, inspiration, and courage to truly change my ways.

I hope this blog site will give me the added support I need to be successful with my self-improvements.

Any feedback, suggestions, encouragements, or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Tony Gidican
DOC #301528

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  1. Hi Tony. I live in New Zealand and kind of stumbled across the blog. It is great that two total strangers can talk – despite the oceans, and the bars between us. I encourage you to write, write and keep writing.

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