Edward Caraway


The Edward T. Caraway sr. story.


On may 24, 2001. I was leaving from a convenient store headed back to my neighborhood in the city of Newport News Virginia. As I was leaving from the convenient store I unconsciously forgot to turn on my car headlights. As I was driving up the road a vehicle was approaching me in the opposite direction flashing his headlights. It didn’t dawn on me that my headlights were off. As he got closer I noticed that he was a police officer, then suddenly he turns his siren on that startles me! I get a little nerveous because I didn’t have any license but I then realized that he was alerting me because my headlights were off! I quickly turned my lights on and looked behind to see was he turning around to come pull me over and in the process of me doing that my vehicle drifted and before I new it, my vehicle was off the road slamming into the ground. I hit my head on the steering wheel and simultaneously ran over a pedestrian unaware.
As I tried to regain control my vehicle I drove over a dirt mound. I then swerved back onto the road but my mind was confused and in total shock! The right thing to do at the time was to stop my vehicle but I panicked and became afraid! I continued to drive but then stopped because my vehicle would not accelerate as fast. I jumped out and ran from the scene and Later on that night discovered that I hit and ran over a young friend of mine. I set in disbelief! Even contemplated suicide. Some time later, I turned myself in to the Newport News police department willing to except responsibility for my negligent actions.
I was charged and convicted of felony 2nd Degree Murder 18.2-33 and felony Hit & Run 46.2- 894. I was sentenced to 45yrs. with no time suspended. I am now 40ty years of age and I have been incarcerated for the last19tn years.
I was 21 at the time of this accident and at that time I truly thought I was a man but that night made me realize that you are not a man just because you are of age but you are a man by the decisions that you make and my actions that night were Fearful, Cowardly and very Immature.
To the victims family I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart for all the pain and hurt that I have caused you and your love ones, then and still today. I am forever remorseful, sorrowful and in dept to you.
What I express below is not to overlook or to take away from what I have done but to simply ask for mercy.
Virginia Justice system abolished parole in January of1995 and implemented a Guideline sentencing procedure. Anyone convicted of a crimes after ’95 would be subject to serve 85% of there time but also will be given a Pre- sentence report that would determine the amount of time that the convicted party should have to serve. If a judge goes outside that guideline he or she must give a written reason on why they went outside of the guidelines. In my case they didn’t and unfortunately many other men and women incarcerated in the Virginia justice system are suffering from this same injustice.
I have submitted a Conditional Pardon to our Virginia Governor which is currently be investigated. I have requested if he would commute my sentence and resentence me according to my Sentencing Guidelines. I have no adult criminal history and my Pre- sentencing report states that I was suppose to receive no more than 22yrs.. The judge went outside of my guidelines and sentenced me to 45yrs..
Since my incarceration I have bettered myself in many ways, spiritually, physically and mentally. I have my GED and other accomplishments. I have always maintained a job. I am a minister, as well as one of the chaplains assistants. I give inspirational messages at our Church services and I have a great report with the inmates and correctional officers here at Nottoway Correctional Center.
I express my story not to claim my innocence but to simply request a opportunity for a second chance. If you are willing, please sighn my online petition at Change. org entitled “This Was Accidental” or send a support letter to me signed with your signature or you can send your letter to the Secretary of Commonwealth so my fight for a second chance can begin.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story. God bless you all. If you need more information about my story, you can contact me by way of email by going to Jpay .com and enter in my name Edward T. Caraway Sr. and my state number # 1134204 or write me at

Edward T. Caraway #1134204
Nottoway Correctional Center
p.o. box 488
Burkeville, Virginia 23922

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