Maurice Brown

I’m Sorry, by Maurice Brown

I”m on the inside looking out watching my life pass by. sitting in a prison cell asking myself why:

Why I’ve done the things I did to wind up in this place while you, my love, sit at home. with tears upon your face.

I try to write you letters To tell you to be strong . I try to write “l m sorry”
But the words come out wrong.

how can I expect you to even.want me home After all the things I’ve done That have left you all alone?

I asked god for his guidance and He reached into my heart. He said with faith and honesty is the only way to Start.

So let me start by saying I’m sorry for hurting you. And, my love, once I get out We’ll start our lives anew.

we’ll build our lives in honesty with faith in God above. For with God watching over us, We’ll have the purest love.

So as you’re writing letters listen for the phone For someday, l will call and say I’m coming home.”

Until that day arrives There’s one thing you must do and that is to remember how much I love you.

Maurice Brown
DOC #A391784

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