Charles Garrison

Poor Observation, by Charles Lamar Garrison

I was reading the rhetoric spewed by some politician who claimed that it was his goal to end poverty in America. What a brilliant idea one may argue. Yet by doing so are dramatically failing to realize that such an ideal has long ago been adopted with the architecture of socialism in country’s as such as Cuba, Venezuela, China, and so on. But never has poverty been eradicated in any capitalist regime, as poverty is a requisite element of capitalism in its essence. So this politician was either unfamiliar with the system of capitalism, or lying. Contrarily, I understand how one could easily misconstrue such viewpoint on my part as some masked attempt to persuade one to shun capitalism. This couldn’t be further from the truth… I’m simply attempting to shed light on the hypocrisy of politics in general. Now I agree that capitalism favors the individual in comparison to socialism which favors the whole. Therefore it depends on the overall compass of the individual to decide if the betterment of the individual is more important than the condition of the whole. And considering that the mere existence of capitalism perpetuates poverty creating small oasis’s of wealth amid vast deserts of generational poverty, the prevalence of crime should always be an expected derivative, as no one of sound mind wants to be poor. Joe Kennedy once famously said… ”behind every fortune there’s a crime”, and I agree. But should it take more than a simple observation for you to see?

Charles Lamar Garrison
DOC #A496360

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