SIGN OF THE TIMES, by Sean Brown

Babies are having babies, the nations are sick with rabies,
It’s like the globe is Hades filled with fire, these days are shady;
Potential’s dead & just maybe it never existed but lately,
I’m feeling something kind of crazy;
A glimmer of Hope flowing wavy, the Vision’s still a bit hazy,
Yet every Instinct which Raised Me is saying that this can Save Me;
So I’m Praying that the Light at the end of this Tunnel,
Ain’t a train ready to crush Me & leave Me pummeled;
Because I’m too deep in it with only 1 way out,
“Keep moving”, any minute this will all play out;
Every day’s the same story, society’s heart is so frigid,
And I’m here to rewrite the Lyrics & make them bold & vivid;
This is not Fate, it isn’t carved in stone,
This is Our Destiny for Us to mold on Our own;
Something’s got to give because I can feel the Change in the Air,
It’s up to Us to bring it out though, & make it appear;
If the cycle doesn’t break We’ll be stuck behind Hell’s Gates,
Trapped in the web that lies & black magic spells make;
Wishing on a Star to unlock the chains & save Us,
But at the end of the day, We are what We made Us!

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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