Demetrius Arnold


The end of your past is the beginning of your future. Sisters and brothers, never let anyone family, friend, or foe dictate your trajectory of your path. Always remember you’ve moved on from the address of defeat, you no longer live in bondage to judgement of others. For those of you that are free who were once incarcerated, walk in the freedom you now have. Let no one imprison you with talk of anything other than truth and optimism. You deserve to create who you WANT to be, you have already been painted with the brush of societies doubt. And that’s their lost, let it be someone else’s gain of the great woman or man that you are now. Always be the half full person, always be the beacon of light and not the light snuffer. Never be the judge always be the observer. Will you face obstacles, certainly, but let those obstacles come from outside; not inside. You deserve encouragement, not doom and gloom. If your significant other is your Achilles heel then you need to be strong and realize that what you need is a shoulder to lean on, not a foot to hold you down. Man or woman, establish who you are, let that be your narrative. You can always change your future, but it begins with your present. You can always change your song, but you must always be the singer. In order for you to change your path you will have to re-pave your road! Get rid of any potholes (people) and make sure you post YOUR speed limit, don’t worry about keeping up with the flow of traffic. Establish who you are with consistency, don’t be the this person one day and that person the next. If you are that person, change it’s not fair to others who want to try and be there for you. If you are the person who hasn’t been dealt a “raw hand” then take a walk in the persons shoes for a moment and realize that its a tough job to prove who you are when everyone else is seeing you for who you were. If you aren’t helping them, then quite blatantly your hindering them. If you aren’t building them up, then you’re tearing them down. Establishing requires a good foundation, what you build on should not be easily shaken by any wind or storm or fire. Establish that you have been tried and tested brothers and sisters, let your nay-sayers be your silent motivation. Let those that turned their back to you be the wind at your back. Let every no that was said about your trajectory, be your yes to every hope and wish you aspire. There are many others who will love to help you establish who you want to be, and forget who you used to be. Embrace that person and let them feel your appreciation, if they are equipped to take the journey with you, then give them your allegiance. Let the beauty of your future shine bright. Slow down and take in the scenery, and always, always remember don’t let your past, or those who gave up on you make you bitter. But use that as your fuel and your tools to make you better! There are many paths in life, but creating your own is less likely to be filled with a lot of junk. Sisters and brothers


Demetrius Arnold
DOC #1792636

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