Excerpt of Love, by Rodney Fenner

(During correspondence a close friend of mine said some things about Love and this was my response)

Of course we’re on the same page with Love because there is only one page. Every other page is spurious. Fully fabricated. Utter embellishments. I speak of Love the way I do because I know Love in it’s fullness. I understand Love. I embrace it. We don’t fall in love with people, remember? We make conscious decisions to dive into that ocean. Most think love is a lake, pool, or even a puddle. They only see a small, incomplete and usually warped and distorted version of Love. That’s why most relationships do not work and why a lot of friendships shatter. If I see a lake of Love and you see a pool, we can never be in the same kind of Love and it will never work. Those who see Love the same last longer and even go the distance because they go on to develope their visions of Love together, however, even those couples miss out on Love’s plenitude. Only those who see the ocean that love really is can experience the jubilance of being surrounded on all sides and engulfed by its vastness. Only they can recognize how infinitely deep it is, how insurmountably overwhelming it is and how your surrender to it will change the perspective of your existence. This is the way I see Love on a personal level and an impersonal level. This is why I take that word seriously and why I treat people the way I do when I say I Love them. I do see Love as unconditional, however, not in the way people commonly misconceive. The same way the ocean is unconditional, so is love. The ocean will always be the ocean. It may be warmer in some places, it may be saltier in some places and it may be tumultuous in some places, but it is always the ocean. If someone I loved did something as detrimental as shot my dog or kicked my child, I’d still Love them because in order to truly Love them in the first place, I’d have to fully know and understand them. What was their mind state? Angry? If so, how can I hate them if I think about all the hurtful things I’ve done when angry? That thought causes you to understanding, relate and empathize. Or, do they have a disorder? How can I hate them then? Were they feeling hurt in some way? We all know hurt people hurt people. The point is that if I know the person loves me, I have to also know that Love causes no harm, therefore the person had to have been living outside of their love for me. Which means, it’s possible for them to love me and still do what they did, the same way it’s possible for me to still love them from a distance physically and emotionally. I do not agree, nor do I condone their actions and I would be deeply and tremendously hurt, but I would forgive because I Love. Our relationship would possibly be irreparably damaged and the love would change and surely diminish greatly but it would still be there because it is Love. You may be moved from the deep serene part of the ocean to the shallow tempestuous part, but you will still be in it because Love casts no one out. You just said yourself that real, true Love never goes away. You may disagree and I’ll completely understand if you do, however, this is my stance. My Love is unbreakable by any combination of circumstances and events life can produce. Everything about Love is life, but everything about life isn’t Love. Love transcends life as most see it because Love is the essence of life. Pardon my tangent on Love. Moving on.

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

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