Piankhi Grimes

Interdependence, by PIANKHI GRIMES

by Supreme Jewel
There’s a lot going on in the World today,especially in America.We are still faced with this pandemic and overall people are not satisfied with the way it is being handled.I’m writing this from a prison cell so most of my knowledge is either second hand or from the media.Most of it is bad news so if I can I would like to use this space to bring some Positive Energy And Creative Expression. Contrary to popular belief,there are a lot of intelligent, innovative and productive men in prison.I have met a lot and some are making big things happen(legally) from behind these wall.So its amazing what a little support can do,just having someone dependable who believe in Us goes a long way.In return,We use the power of our Mind’s to ease the burdens of those We love.Be it emotionally, mentally, or financially.For me to do this produces a good feeling inside,but having someone out there I can count on and reciprocate this Energy feels even better.I’m not some “expert” on relationships but I think appreciation go both ways in a healthy relationship. I salute the strong women standing by their Man, Husband,King,God or whatever you like to call him.Its hell putting up with this sht and I know sometimes y’all(ladies) can feel under appreciated and overworked.I’m grateful to have someone in my corner,someone I can talk to whenever this sht get overwhelming. Keep in Mind ladies this prison system is designed to break up families, destroy relationships and severe bonds.If y’all get the chance, listen to that Afeni remix by Rapsody.That song is dedicated to all the Real females holding it down for their significant other locked down behind these walls.From myself and all the true soldiers caught up in this struggle.”The Buddha appreciated that peace and harmony in a home is to a great extent ensured by a woman.” I can C the Truth in those words from my own experience of living with a woman.You Are Appreciated. Peace…..

DOC #A614-067

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