TRUE CHANGE, by Charles Dorsey

Yes, we are living in a wonderful and most auspicious time. I know many of you may respond to this statement in a negative way. Many see the present events as proof that we are headed in a downward spiral. But we must be conscious of the fact that life is all about perspective. I am a well aware of the fact that a lot of you out there are stressed out right now. You can see no way out of the mess we that we are in. Well, I want you to know that I have a MESSage for you. You will notice that the very foundation of the word message is “mess”. So, what is this mess trying to convey to us in this day and time. You must come to an OVERSTANDING of the mess that we are in as opposed to an UNDERSTANDING. Remember, we are talking about perspective.

Let’s take the mess of social change for our first consideration. There are a lot of us who believe that change will come about by protesting and marching, appealing to the “powers that be” to make a change. Well, I suggest that you ask yourself this question. Why would the ones who have created the mess and who are benefiting the most from the mess have any desire to change it? The last time I checked the power is in the hands of the people. Remember “of the people, by the people and for the people”? Does not the Constitution of the United States begin with “We, the People…” So how have we forgotten that the people possess all the power, that it is only the people who can make the change that we seek. This is the message that this mess is trying to convey to us. Instead of appeal after appeal to these “powers that be”, the people should appeal to the only ones who possess the power of change, and are the only ones who will listen, “We the People”. We should motion for the People to convene. We as the People have not been taught that we have been given the same right as the legislative branch of the government. What do I mean by this? Well, I am so glad you asked! Are you ready for the answer? I hope you are because this is literally the key to your freedom.

LISTEN! The people can change any law they want via referendum and initiative. The people can abolish the “laws” either through an express repeal whereby a statute specifically indicates that the former law shall be revoked and abolished, or through an implied repeal which arises when the later statute contains provisions that are so contrary or irreconcilable with those of the prior law that only one can remain in force. I am not talking about an amendment to the laws, because an amendment to a law involves making a change in an already existing law, leaving a portion of the original still standing. When a law is repealed it is completely abolished. It is time to annul all existing laws that pose the greatest threat to “the people’s freedom.” It must be freedom for all, or freedom for none!

Let’s end the marching, the rioting and the protests and use our real power to make a change. Anything other than this is a distraction.

Charles Dorsey
DOC #1126323

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  1. History is a whore who’ll sleep with anyone who pays her price, but once you learn the basics of Aryan (Old world Iranian) rule via the various secret societies created by Prussian Aryans under the mask of German enlightenment, she sure does have some interesting half-truths about how we all got into this mess, even the Aryan’s known as Abram and Moses have bad stuff on their consciences…


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