Sean Brown

Reasoning, by Sean Brown

What does it all mean if it only boils down to chance?
If it’s all determined by the direction which the winds happen to advance?
An enhanced acceptance equals a sophisticated understanding,
Trusting that the best will manifest itself so rolling these dice ain’t really gambling.
Yet it feels just like a crapshoot as this hand gets dealt to Me,
And I’m guzzling shots of Reality straight up, no chaser, the House Specialty.
All of these unexpected situations affecting Me to a degree that I wouldn’t have anticipated,
Normally that is. Fortunately the past warned Me to pay attention to the way My emotions are vibrating.
So I’m moving how I’m moving, reading the signs & raising Symbols,
Leaving behind the crazed, dismal mindstate that for so long had Me wrinkled.
Straighten out the crooked ways of My Heart so that I can see the Truth,
And learn the ways of the Righteous going forward, taking steps in Godly boots.
Walk…run…walk…run; this is the opportunity of a Lifetime.
Walk or run, or walk & run, just get there while the Sun still shines.
‘Cuz the nights are too cold & the days are so hot,
That keeping it moving is the only way relief can be got.
Yet it’s still so hard to come by these days with all the madness running rampant,
Hidden Joy obscured by sadness in the midst of vigils planted.
Infected with Fear, causing emotional diseases,
Soul viruses programmed through social behavior lead to psychological breaches.
No wonder relationships are broken, We can’t relate to each other,
All We do is project & manipulate, trying to unite lies which only tear asunder.
Such is the human dynamic that there are no accidents,
There’s a reason why it all seems to be in shambles, so I guess We gotta be satisfied if We just catch a glimpse.

DOC #1083630

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