Adam Hudson

Back At It, by Adam Hudson

So about 6 months ago I had got into a fight which put me in the limited privilege block. well I’m now back in population. It feels so weird being in population cause out of the 4 years I’ve been locked up I only have about 18 months in population. The rest of the time has been in the hole or limited privilege block. And being in either of those its 23hr. lock down and 1hr rec. So having freedom or more of it feels so good.
Things here has defiantly has been a struggle since the COVID-19 has been going on. Things is already a struggle here in any prison, some lot worse than others but its not good at all here at lucasville. I hope that everyone out there has been doing good, at least as good as things can be for the current situation.
I guess till next time, take care and God Bless

Adam Hudson #737-672
P.O BOX 45699

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