John Salyers Jr.

School Work, by John (Joni) Salyers

MRK 2100, chapter 6
Critical – Thinking – Exercises

# 1. Describe a group to which you belong—it might be a team, a club, or your roommates. Outline the norms of the group, the major roles that different members play, and your own status within the group.
Have you ever sought to change your status? Why or why not?
* My Answer :
The group I belong to is a small subcultural group of transgender friends, or “Sisters”, so to speak, here in Southeastern Correctional Institution.
The norms consist of us being very closely tight knit. We are more emotionally intimate, and loving to each other, sharing most, if not all of what we have as well.
Being cute, sassy, and feminine with one another…
My status is one of nurturing, protecting, big sister/mother.
No, I would not wish to change my status, because I am comfortable and better suited in my capacity amongst the three of us.

# 2. What are the two (2) conditions that must exist for a consumer to be influenced by a “reference group?”. Have you ever made a purchase based on reference group influence? If so, what was the purchase and how did you come to the decision to make it? If not, then why not.
* My Answer :
(a) Purchased product must be one can see and identify.
(b)Purchased product must be “conspicuous” —
unusual, product that not everyone ownes.
The purchase of my pink JP5 Android, Computer Tablet, because it is my favorite color, a blatant symbol of femininity, and a certain percentage of the purchase price was donated to breast cancer research, according to the supplier.

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Lancaster, Ohio

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