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yeh it was a lot of shit going on that I found out to late,I didn’t know my brother David eat Tammy pussy,I didn’t know she used to fuck around with my brother Timmy, I didn’t know any of this shit and when I came to jail she was fucking Timmy, yeh after my life is fucked around by a bunch of mother fuckers that didn’t care shit about me,but I took care of everybody’,before I fucked off money I made sure my wife and kids was alright,we had our first Xmas ever they got everything I even brought me a racing car set,that was my first Xmas ever and I had a tree and everything,I remember I came home one night and I was getting ready to hit the block,Tammy wanted something from the store I went and got it,as I was in the room talking to her telling her I want be out all night,we talked for almost ten minutes, then I walked to the door and opened it when I looked out my tires was gone somebody had dropped me flat so I shut the door walked in the room and started taking my clothes off Tammy was like what are you doing,I said I am going to bed because somebody stole my tires she didn’t believe it,she had to see for herself she was like how the fuck,yeh somebody was watching me,I never stop to think about somebody watching me or my wife knowing she was wearing all that jewelry,, I mean she had diamond or every fingers,26 diamonds in her wedding ring alone,yeh I gave her the world because I was in love with her and her kids,but like I say I should of cut my lost along time ago,we didn’t have a perfect relationship, everybody was trying to get at her she went from this skinny little girl to a tick woman yeh I put meat on that ass,,I was laying in bed getting my smoke on somebody knock at my door I get up to answer it and niggars at the door talking about Tammy and my sister took there chains or something else,I tell’em what you telling me for that’s what you get for trying to be a snake and fuck her I can’t do nothing for you so as long as you don’t put your hands on my wife or sister we ain’t got a problem, Marv would you just hollar at them for me,I just shut the door,yeh Tammy and lil sis will fuck some shit around…,I should of slowed down and did a whole lot of things different, I remembered staying across the hall from hobo and getting my first brick of dope,I had the whole brick cooked up and chopped it all up in rocks,I put it in a big zip lock bag,later that night I walked around to the block because the police had took my car,so anyway I am in the dope house with all the dope on the table and I got about 4 crack head working for me and the money is rolling in,then somebody came with a big boom box and it had LL COOL J. in the tape player song I’m bad,now about 3 am I was ready to go,now this is how stupid I was,I got a pocket full of money and a zipp lock full of dope walking down the street singing I’m bad,but when I get to the building the lights is out in the hall,so I have to hollar for Tammy to turn the lights on,but I walked home with all that stuff on me,not thinking,then one day the police take everybody’s car except mine because I wasn’t on the block when they came threw,later that night Timmy wanted to borrow my car I gave it to him,I stayed on the block selling dope,Tammy and her sister Sonya was sitting in the hall way talking,then Sonya told me the day I had hung my dope in the tree Timmy had took it,then she told me where he kept his dope yeh he was selling big white rocks and I cut them down,when he came back he wanted to see what color dope I was selling I had yellow dope,but I was selling all his shit,yeh I got that mother fucker back,the next morning I got up early told Tammy we going shopping on Timmy B,yeh the building we had was crazy you sleep you get robbed,while you sleep somebody would cut your pockets,Jamal thought she was slick by putting her money in her panties and going to sleep,Tony cut the whole crotch out of her jeans,she was mad as hell crying talking about she gonna get her brother the block was fun.,we had done some robberys and some people got hurt for no reason and I told my brother Craig one day while we was riding around,I said listen bro you doing all this shit what’s gonna happen when the police pick everybody up,oh bro don’t even worry about that because I ain’t letting none of my brothers go down for something I did and I put that on everything I love,so nothing else was said,but I didn’t believe that shit because he was still going behind my back doing petty shit,it was sad that you had to watch your back with your own brothers,every time we be out and we meet these girls and they didn’t won’t to fuck,but later on they send word to come over,how does that work,that’s why once I am in my house I don’t come back out or open the door,I don’t care who it is..I had a plain to get raid of all problems, I had the guy at the bar name Mississippi that’s who drove me to the block on the late night sometimes anyway I told everybody we having a party at the bar,me and sippi went to the liguar store I brought every kind of drink that goes in a bar,I told him he better not water no drinks down,everybody showed up now I was setting in the bar I had one drink a shot of brandy and coke,every body seen me drinking so I went across to the house and played drunk everybody thought somebody put something in my drink,now I was hoping everybody leave so I could do what I plainer,but then Tammy left with them and that fucked everything up,that night changed a lot of shit,I was having those dreams about being buried alive a and Gene is coming for me,I use to set in the bathroom and cry and when Tammy walk in she would look and try to play on me like what’s wrong, what happen then she would say did you fuck somebody else man she was fucked up,she jusst didn’t see what I was seeini….

DOC #256-209

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