An Eye From Inside, by Jeorgina Davis

The world is changing drastically and I only have an isolated perspective. I’ve literally felt that the walls were closing in on me due to the limited access here in the prison system for inmates. I’m always being told what to do and when to do it. I constantly thought the world was against me because I didn’t have much to offer to the world itself. I look back on my life and I’ve given nearly 9 years of breath to the hands of the penitentiary. I look back and I can’t see a reason why I chose this for myself. During this refection in self I’ve endured loss to the greatest compasity. These walls have not beat me down, today I stand as strong as they do. My eyes are open. I am aware that I am not in this alone. I’m not in fear of the drastic change in the world, there’s no reason to live in fear because I’ve drastically changed the person within me to be able to survive anything. #ABetterLife4Every1

I was inspired to write this because during this pandemic we do not have to live in a mental prison. free yourself in every way possible. Every person in and out has support throurgh struggle.

Jeorgina Davis
DOC #WE8817

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