Dominic Berlingeri Jr.

Introduction Blog, by Dominic Berlingeri Jr.

D.O.B 04-05-1985 35 years old
intake date : April 16-2009
release date: May 16-2024
contact information :

Hi my name is Dominic Berlingeri Jr A.K.A Pito I’m a 35 year old Puerto Rican from Lorain Ohio . I’m a father to a lovely young lady named Gabriella she is the light of my life ,and I can’t wait to be free from prison so that I can bulid a real father daughter relationship with my baby because I’ve been locked up since she was 6 months old due to my stupid make I made In life and that’s the mistake of the Aggravated Robbery I’m doing 15 years for I have 12 years in so far and Im working on trying to get my judicial release but its becoming a hard task because the courts are not responding to the motions I have filed and I have paid one lawyer $2,000 and another lawyer $1,000 to file my judicial and neither lawyer has helped me at all and have not been responding to my letters I’ve wrote them or the voice mails I have had friends and family leave them but I have over 75 programs In and I have made many changes in my life . But the courts don’t wish to acknowledged the changes I’ve made they only acknowledged the mistakes I’ve made in my life its time for the justice system to be reformed please support reform justice because people can change ,change comes from within and for the past 12 years I’ve took the time to sit and reevaluate my self my life and know that if give a chance I can live as a law abiding citizen .Every one deserves a second chance how come we as prisoners / inmates are being wrote off as nothing the changes we make don’t get counted for the system only adds up the wrong you have done they never see the good one has done the changes a man has made and never wants to give some one a second chance so what is the point of the word Rehabilitation it should just be Department of Corrections because they don’t acknowledge when you are rehabilitated. (Facts )I’m living proof as a changed man with over 75 programs in and can’t even get the courts to follow the law and answer my motions I’ve filed (pro se ) meaning my self .So when will we fight to reform justice In all as well as the Judicial system ?
Im a very loyal and respectful man that made a mistake in life and yes I knew right from wrong but I made a dum mistake and I’m paying for it . I just look forward to writing my bloggs and hearing feed back because being able to write is helping me deal with my PTSD ,depression and parianoa so I’m truly thankful for any one taking the time to read my story I know I’m not the only one going thru a struggle we all have problems so I just want to state that if you wish to vent or talk feel free to contact me I’m open for conversation I’m very real and will always be 100% truthful I’m not on no games just a genuine man trying to get my story told in hopes of helping some one not have to go thru the things I have had to go thru in life and to lend my ear to anyone that may need some one to talk to so with that being said I hope all is well with you all in the free world take care stay safe stay blessed until then peace to you all respectfully one love
the one and only Pito
Dominic Berlingeri Jr #583358

Dominic Berlingeri Jr #583-358
2001 E.Central Ave
Toledo Ohio 43608

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