Anthony Collins Jr.

That One Girl, by Anthony Collins

Did you ever meet that one Girl, you know that one Girl who could make you smile in any bad situations? Or that one Girl who could make you laugh in any dark moment? Or that one Girl that could make you feel like no one else matters? Or that one Girl that when you at your worst could make you feel at your best? You dont run across that one Girl often, but when you do you have to hold on tight for dear life because one day you might wake up and think like “Damn, I lost my one Girl” You see females are like roses every rose is different you got different colors, shapes, sizes, even different amounts of pedals but the one thing they all have in common no matter the differences is: how delicate and precious they are. That one Girl might be your neighbor, your child hood friend, your bestfriend, your enemy, your boss, ect. my point is you never know where or how you might find her but when you do dont let her go and let her know exacly why she so special, let her know that you gon’ love her no matter what, tell her she beautiful, smart, and she can do whatever she put her mind to, let her know you care becasuse you dont want to end up trying to compensate her for someone that could never be her because its not another her. That one Girl is that ONE Girl thats always going to be on your mind no matter what.

Anthony Collins Jr
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  1. Anthony ‘Tone’ Collins, I read your “One Girl” post. It reminds me of the Garden of Eden. The garden was not as some imagine. The garden was approximately the length of the Mississippi River and as wide as 3 to 4 States. Now imagine all the lush green trees that the garden produced. Food was fresh and bountiful. The humans that God had made may have had over a million trees bearing fruits and nuts. God gave the humans the entire garden full of beautiful trees. God had planted just 1 for himself. He asked the humans not to eat from his one tree because it belonged to him. Would the humans be loyal? How would they prove their love to their family member (Father)? Would they betray his love? Or would they have self respect, family loyalty, and love for what is right?

    Sad to say, we know how that story ended… That One ☝️ thing they couldn’t have…caused them to betray, 😢 hurt, violate the One they claimed to love. Think of the pain and shame they brought on themselves and the other human family members.

    King 👑 David had many wives, but he watched the wife of another 👩 bathe. Yes she was beautiful, smart and could probably do anything. Her husbandly owner, only had her, she was That ☝️ One for him! Then King David acted wickedly by taking this man’s ☝️ One. How did God deal with them? How did David’s children feel about what he had done? How long did David and the woman suffer for their wrongs?

    In both of these scenarios, there was That ☝️ One, that did not belong to them, that one belonged to another.

    When God gave us life…did you know he gave us an instruction manual too? It’s called the Bible. Many will go through life messing up over and over again like a man setting up a bookcase without 1st reading the instructions. Learn from others mistakes… (You have 2 good examples above) Learn God’s laws for yourself, this will make you a happy 😆 man. _Psalms 1:1, 2. You don’t have to go through life making one mistake after another, go back and read the instruction manual, the Bible. Here are a few things you should read ASAP:

    Mark 6: 17 & 18
    Leviticus 18:16, 29 & 30.
    Then go back and read Leviticus chapter 18 in it’s entirety.

    Things to think about:
    • Even if they broke up, that’s a no-no with God and any self respecting man!
    • Your brother would die, if he lost his One ☝️to his own flesh and blood🩸 . He’s literally suicidal!
    • You don’t go behind where your brother spilled out his blood/semen. That’s disgusting!
    • To betray your own brother for a female…how will you come back from that?
    • What would her family think 🤔 of you?
    • What will your Dad think?
    • How will Nino, Me Me, Treise, & Thomas feel about you?
    • If your grandma was still alive, would she be proud?
    • Will your hatred for your brother and your lack of self respect cause you to forever damage your family?
    • How will your nephew Dylan, feel about you and his mom?
    • How can you look him in the face and be step-daddy & Uncle too? Y’all selfishness will cause him mental problems. Will he love & respect you after you’ve destroy his father, his family and his childhood?
    • What shame and disgrace will you bring to her family?

    Don’t be like Adam and Eve, Selfish & Stupid! There’s a lot more trees available. Perhaps you should find one that hasn’t been claimed. Pray & Stop calling… You’re getting your heart all pumped up for the very thing God HATES! He will exact punishment for behaviors regardless to whether you knew His laws well or not!

    Hopefully, you can return to society and add value to others lives. Be a loyal brother and a good uncle.
    May you walk away in peace!


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