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Live from M.D.O.C., by Harvey Banner

episode 8

Peanut holds Sunday service
” Whell I’d lak to thank y’all for coming out today, to praise the clawd. quite a few of our bruthas hab been fected by the co’vid, and sista Garrett and sista White been fected as whell. so I’m here today axin y’all for y’all hep making mask fo all the other prisoners. Although I aint at new Bethlaham Bethel Baptis Chuch located in the hart of Detroit on seben mile and Crenshaw we can still make some thangs happen.So I axed Big Gretch to allow us to get a contract to produce deese mask fo the public as well and its a go. “Praise it”!! yells Tee X Gawda, bless that sista. as the service ended and people were going back to their units. Tre sees wet wet 269 that some ice cream you messin with me? says wet wet. Yeah no doubt lemme see what’s going on! There was tension on the yard and you could feel it but Tre had to find out what’s going on? Hey Harv what up?? Man Dante done shot Davis! no say it ain’t so. (In prison there is 2 dif meaning for getting shot most of the time it is referred to stabbings as the pop sound the skin makes when it it punctured but not in this case) So what he do ask Tre. You know Dante always got that cape on and his dudunts yelling super ninja stick well this time he ain’t have dem draws on he was waiting for her to make her rounds and he jumped off the top bunk stick in his hands yellin SUPER NINJA STIIICK!!!!! we all know Dante crazy but the c/o’s beat his ass now er’body ready to beat the c/o’s Tre bust out laughing so you tellin me that fool was naked! Yup as a newborn baby nothing but that cape says Harv why you laughing that ain’t funny. Yes it is says Tre every day she work she tell him he her super hero she be feeling all on him and we know he is as crazy as a fish with titties now she wanna play victim, that’s what she get for teasing him. Naw she ain’t trip they seen him on camera then came and beat his ass that’s why everyones upset. Damn thats life in the joint. What the deal with the ooh wee aw man they on this new stuff clone and they really trippen! what!? Yeah boy this is like som enew designer stuff way worst than the strips or the boi boi why you think wet wet be like that. Yo speakin about wet wet lets go he makin the drink and it time to get this money..On the way to the unit they get sopped by a few inmates hey s’up everything good they didnt put Dante in the hole cuz we was all out here ready to tear this piece up so he on his way back now but yall read that book “Tha Ave” no says Harv and Tre YOU GOTTA says the other inmates its by this Muslim guy Mujahid Oh he do some good hood books says Tre yeah “Animal Cruelty” was a banger yall had that one yet man i just got rid of it i thought it was about animals on some mike vick no you gotta get that back whats up for the rest of the day?? Im goin over there and gettin rip and lil Dee they got these fools thats gonna rn they own heads into the wall later. What!? Im there says Harv se ya

coming soon “Tha Ave”……..

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Harvey Banner #362241
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First Street
Coldwater, Mi. 49036

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