Hope For the Hopeless, by Matt Puccio

There are times that I feel like giving up. Like there is no reason why pushing forward is going to mean anything anymore. We have all been there.

Days go by where the darkness around us feels as if it is closing in fast, and so fast that our world is caving in and collapsing all around us. Times so harsh that innocent lives are being taken, and for what purpose.

When the days seem so bleak that all hope is gone, that is when we should realise how much we really need God in today’s times.

Only His light can remove the dark shadows that creep up all around us. It is in this same light that an unloving person can be transformed into a loving husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend.

It isn’t right to point blame and fingers at people when we have so many flaws in ourselves.

The world isn’t perfect and won’t be until Jesus comes back.

If you doubt the existence of God and of Jesus, then keep in mind the words of Matthew Chapter 24 where Jesus Himself warns of new diseases that will rise up. Both curable and incurable. He then tells us to watch out for hearts to be so hard towards each other that violence will rise due to the lack of love, compassion, and forgiveness. That was a couple of thousand years ago.

We all know about the issues with police abusing their authority. It has been going on for several decades and even into the hundred year mark just here in the United States alone.

It is sad when the prison life is safer than the streets with the people that are supposed to protect us under the moniker of Policeman or Policewoman.

In these trying times, remember how important it is to love. We fail everyone around us when we refuse to love.


People matter, the youth of this Nation matter, the homeless person matters, those with the virus matter, our hospital staff matter, those in the Military matter, our political leaders matter, and most of all even the unborn baby matters.

Every one deserves to be loved and cared for. Not one person in this world deserves to have their life taken by another person.

No one deserves to be devalued into anything less than who they are.

I don’t usually talk on matters like this since a lot of what I just said is touchy grounds for debates and arguments, but I ask that whoever reads this start to ask who can they share their love with.

Love is what will help give us hope in these trying times of a hopeless world. Love can heal several wounds inflicted in life.

Most of all love can help someone who is used to being abused, neglected, mistreated, and even degraded find peace of mind.

We truly need a Love Revolution as Joyce Myers has said in her book A Love Revolution.

Be safe out there and keep in mind that love conquers all things when displayed correctly and properly. God Bless.

Matthew Puccio #667-706
LeCI P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036

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