Davin Wallace

I’m Tired, by Davin L. Wallace

Before I get started, Forgive me Lord for my choice of words, which I find fitting for what and who I’m addressing. I’m tired & to be honest, every fucking parent, big sibling, uncle, aunt, grandparent and human being should be tired of the bullshit we do to ourselves. We rally & tear up shit because a cop kills one of ours, which is very justifiable, but then one of ours kill or shoot a loving innocent beautiful kid, & more sadly no fist get put up, no roaring through the streets demanding a stop to the madness. A walk or a vigil takes place, but no consistent effort to bring the bullshit to a halt. The ignorant shooters are to blame, but I’m also pushing something at those who sit back nonchalantly until it’s one of theirs wounded or killed. If it’s fear or selfishness holding people back from going to these youngins, gangs, streets etc. to school them, talk to them, squash beef etc., then I know some men right here behind these bars who did the street or gang thing and are fed up & ready to go where it’s necessary to end the violence & recidivism and bring about positive change to our communities. Ain’t nothing gangsta about shooting a innocent child, it just show u scared to face the person u got a problem with. I’ve ran across so many young guys who doing (30) years or more for killing a innocent person, while their so call enemy still breathing and free. Yesterday in Henrico, VA. a (3) year old girl was shot in her sleep, but by the grace of God, her parents don’t have to bury her. I keep thinking about my own children, hating the fact that we live in a world that has so much hate, ignorance & selfishness that it has become common for a good, fun and beautiful child to be gunned down for nothing she or he has done. I just had a granddaughter come into this world last week & am about to have another come into this world soon. That gives me (4) children and (4) grandchildren with a (5th) on the way. I cherish all of their lives as well as my siblings and their children, but I also look at a child that isn’t mine or I don’t even know and I adore them and want them to live a joyful & safe childhood as if they were my own. To be honest, it bothers me to hold up my fist or take a knee beside whoever can ride for social injustice, but sit back and do nothing concerning the pain & suffering that our own afflict upon us. Although I’m bitter about all of what is going on, I still love all of y’all, even those who do the evil in which they do not know what they do. Christ walked in love, grace and mercy even unto those who crucified Him, but He also stood boldly before those who was in opposition of God’s will.
We got to do better as black men & women, as parents, as Christians or whatever way of life u represent, as leaders, including big dawgs in the streets or and gangs, and as a community. Fist up, knee down, BIG LOVE BLM & God Bless U All!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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