W O R S T T H A N D O G S (Part One), by Timothy Hightower

Justice – For Whites Only
Injustice – Colored (around back).

It isn’t just racist white cops here who are unjustly targeting, senselessly killing & destroying innocent black lives, it is also these corrupt & racist white prosecutors, judges & other members of their gang (Ohio Parole Board Members) here as well who are participating in this malfesance, convoluted & coniving scheme (the annilhilation of Black Americans), but they’re doing it even at a much higher rate. Not only do I wish to discuss these atrocities and to make you aware of this newer sadistic system of terrorism by white supremacists here who are “covertly” functioning & operating unlawfully within the criminal justice system just in order to exterminate black life, I also wish to reveal the devil’s joy (of it’s participants & their racist itinerary), and a caveat that we absolutely must take seriously.

Please make no mistake about it, slavery isn’t at all dead here. It has however been revised, sanitized, modified & modernized, and if you listen carefully you can still hear the awful crack of their whips on the backs of so many of our brothers, sisters & children. Listen, the legacy & legitimacy of dehumanized racism lives on, especially here in the racist State of Ohio. I am an Innocent man here who has desperately trying to tell my story for the past 21.5 years, and to also show & prove not only my innocence, but also of the level of racial discrimination & misconduct by public offcials involved here in my incredibly fictitious case, and yet due only to the color of my skin no one’s listening.

Almost 22 years ago I was falsely accused of a crime that I absolutely “did not” commit. In fact, I was told “twice” by the lead police detective in my case that “they” knew I was innocent, and that the states witnesses were all just simply lying to them about what they were alleging against me, during my trial this very same cop approached (once during & again after my trial), and informed me that I was going to prison, but that it has absolutely nothing at all to do with what I was there in trial for, nor with any of the states witnesses.

Here exist inextricable & insurmountable proof of systemic abuse & racism, conspiracy, racketeering, fraud, collusion, hypocrisy, bigotry, complicity, police corruption, prosecutorial gross misconduct, hate crime, and that I was falsely accused, wrongly convicted & imprisoned due only to a secret plan (their race to kill and/or to incarcerate Black Americans here) to imprison people of color, and yet this injustice that has so cleverly been engineered & manipulated here against me is just simply being ignored, allowed and dismissed of as nothing, as though my life doesn’t matter.

Let’s face it, the disturbing truth & reality here in the State of Ohio is that this is just simply yet “another” rather large & unsavory business (the decimation of black lives for profit, promotions & job security, and all managed & achieved while under the guise, misleading rhetoric & “illusion” of justice) run by an assembly of some very corrupt & deceptive white supremacists (racist public officials & their accomplices) here whose taking complete & total advantage of their positions of power within the criminal justice system just in order to eradicate black lives. Keeping blacks from being alive or free is truly “big” business here in this racist state. We’re basically just sitting ducks, because of the delusions, insecurities fear & hatred of us by white supremacists, our lives, worth & significance is often devalued, diminished & dismissed.

I “senselessly” sit & suffer behind bars due only to this array of an already depraved, racist & overzealous assembly of extremely deceitful public servants (Cuyahoga county court officials & Ohio Parole Board Members), an authoritarian regime of gifted liars here who are hellbent on trivializing & disguising the reality of racial hatred/ discrimination, racial injustice, black pain & suffering, and who are also ostensibly working together engaging in a pattern of extremely corrupt & racist criminal activity, completely ignoring their oath.

Due to their new racial caste system, this cruel new phase of racial discrimination, stigmatization & segregation, this rather trite but clever systematic plan, one strategically employed to target & force blacks here back into a cruel system of extreme repression and control, I’ve been lied on, lied to and then just simply used as a scapegoat. Basically I was set up, and because of an opportunity & the malfeasance of this assembly of gifted liars (extremely corrupt, racist and deceitful white supremacists whose “covertly” functioning & operating unlawfully within the criminal justice system) involved here in my incredibly fictitious case, whose driven by sheer hatred and their apparent apocalyptic obsession to decimate the lives of Black Americans here, I’ve too been betrayed by the criminal justice system & simply “robbed” of my freedom.

Timothy D. Hightower, St. #376670
2500 S. Avon Belden Road
Grafton, Ohio 44044

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  1. Timothy hightower is not innocent. He molested young children who trusted him. He raped one 10 yr old girl and a fourteen year old girl and then showed the tape of his rape to the ten year old. He is a piece of shit and thank God he will die in prison. Ha ha ha rot in hell you piece of shit. Have fun in prison.


  2. Tim,

    I am devastated by this injustice! You were my instructor as well as my brother in Christ! I know you very well and I know that this is NOT of your doing. You have always been a stand up guy that looked at the good in everybody and you lead by example. I am so sorry for your situation and I am praying for you brother..more importantly I will do everything in my power to see that justice is served and to aid you in making right the wrongs that you were falsely accused of!

    Stay strong and GOD BLESS,

    Vic Knighten


    • Hello Vic,

      Thank you for the response to my injustice. I remember your name, please forgive me for not responding sooner but I don’t receive any notifications for anything posted here. How do I get in contact with you? Find my facebook page…. Tim Hightower.

      I am on writing on behalf of Timothy Hightower, as I am his niece.


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