Dean Giacomo

by Dean Giacomo

Pediatricians have jumped onboard the fearmongering bandwagon by claiming that by not taking your kids to the pediatrician “you are putting them at risk of other HIGHLY INFECTIOUS DISEASES”. Before the mass panic created by the media outlets just how many highly infectious and contagious
diseases were there that society was threatened by? Let’s see, Small Pox has been eraticated, vaccines have been found for many of the infectious/contagious diseases, to mention a few that were but are no longer are a threat to humankind : for starters Influenza (the Flu), Pertussis (Whopping Cough), Tuberculosis (TB), Yellow Fever, for just a couple. Many other disease have been eliminated by adding chlorine to the water supply and regulating the disposal of raw sewage
So how do pediatricians justify saying that by not going to visit them your children are susceptible to these many diseases that are no longer a threat. If you get your vaccinations,drink clean water, and practice good hygiene there should be no worries.
Why are these so called “experts injecting fear into what was once the norm for hundreds and hundreds. of years but is now allegedly unhealthy or taboo because a supposed ” expert” proclaims that it is no longer safe to do or use. And an even bigger question is why does society believe what a self-proclaimed expert [or as you see so often on the news “a new study has found that]will announce that something that humankind has been doing since the beginning of recorded history and beyond is now unhealthy or in acceptable.
What I’m getting at is that this FEARMONGERING must stop and people must not feed into it and run to the grocery store and by all the milk off the shelves for two inches of snow in the forecast. Even if a foot of snow fell you would not be prevented from going to the store for a day and if you really had to you CAN drive in the snow.
So take care and stay safe.

Dean Giacomo
DOC #1207157
(Nottoway C. C., Virginia)

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