Jason Demitris

Introduction Blog, by Jason Demitris

My name is Jason Demitris,#399-661, I’m at Marion Correctional Institution(MCI) 940 Marion-Williamsport rd. Marion Ohio 43302. I have been locked up since 2000 and hoping to earn my parole soon (up again for the fourth time in 2021). I have never written a blog, nor have I ever published any of my writing before, so this is all new to me. I have some ideas about writing short stories concerning the day to day life of a prisoner, but I take some artistic license when needed and change some names and places. I also may consolidate other stories I have heard into my characters. There is a lot of strange things that go on in here, some times the truth is weirder than fiction, but also, people make a lot of stories up here and exaggerate/or down play almost everything. My blogs are fictional but represent the truth, if that makes any sense.
In addition to writing, I enjoy playing music, both covers and original, and I may from time to time try sending out a few songs/poems. I also enjoy creating art in many different forms including drawling and painting. My plan is to send a few of these in and see if anyone out there is interested in reading them. I don’t really have anyone out there supporting me, nor do I have a lot of friends out there, because I have been locked up for twenty years, and every one has moved on, so if you are out there and you like what I am writing, please let me know. Any feed back is welcome, but I don’t really have any way to check the site, so I included my contact info.

Jason Demitris #399-661
Marion Correctional Institution(MCI)
940 Marion-Williamsport rd.
Marion Ohio 43302

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