Devaughn Mason

by Devaughn Mason

It’s 2:00am and I’m sitting here in prison frighting back tears…. This is a time where I can honestly say that I’m scared. I’m not scared of being in prison, But what I am scared off is being Black in America, I’m scared of raising a brown skinned child in America….
After seeing everything unfold over time against us Black’s I’m starting to feel like we are foreigner’s in our own land… We are living in a world of hate and evil…. I feel like us Brother’s and sister’s of color are being used as target practice, and while we are crying tears of sorrow, while having to keep burying our people, the white men in blue are laughing at our pain and giving each other a pat on the back .
It is to much injustice in this so-called land of the free. If a black man commite a murder on a peace officer then he would face life in prison, maybe even the death penalty. But if a police officer kills a black man he gets put on desk duty until further notice… What sense does that makes? We all have lost faith in our justice system … It is time for us to stand together and start to serve and protect ourself because the justice system is no longer with us, but against us.
Our blood is on the hands of the justice system, the pain we are dealing with is unexplainable. Know matter how much noise we make, no matter how much we cry out, no matter how much we say that we can’t breath we are never heard. In the 27 years of me being alive I can not remember one year when we have not been slaughtered like pigs by the hands of the police department.
For too long have we been talking about our problem, it’s time to stop talking about our problem since they won’t listen. We need to be our solution. All around our nation it is chaos breaking out, and it’s not happening because we our a bunch of criminals, It’s happening because it’s the only way that they would hear us. This is supposed to be one nation, but I’m seeing a nation divided. I wish there was a way for all law enforcement and goverment agants to see that we are human too….Let Us Breath

Devaughn Mason
DOC #A750-441

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