Anthony Simmons

JUST BE NICE, by Anthony D. Simmons

When I meet men in prison, their manners to a certain extent, indicate their true character but, then, this is true of all men and women we meet.. Manners are the external exponets of all human beings’ inner nature.
It indicates their taste, their feelings, and their temper, as well as the society to which they have been accostomed. There is a conventional manner, which is of comparatively little importance; but the NATURAL MANNER, the outcome of NATURAL GIFTS, improved by careful self-culturalization, signifies a great deal about each one of us in this world. The grandest assistant of Manner, is insired by sentiment, which is a source of no slight enjoyment to a person, with a cultivated mnd. When looking at manners in this light, sentiment is of almost as much importance as talents or any other aquirements, while it is even more influential in giving direction to our refinement and character. Sympathy, on the same hand, is the golden ticket that unlocks the hearts of everyone you encounter on a daily bases because it not only teaches us how to be POLITE and COURTEOUS, but it gives us insight and unfolds the Wisdom in the people you encounter and almost can be regarded as the MASTER instructor of all Humanity. Fake ass People has no place in the pecking order of Deveopment because what comes from them by the guise of “Etiquette” is often of the essence of unpoliteness and untruthfulness . It consists in a great measure of swag and posture-making and WOKE individules can easily see through all that. Even at it’s best…Etiquette aint nothing but a subsitute for authentic GOOD manners when it is really nothing more than a Counterfeit Viirtue. Good Manners consist, for the most part, in courteousness and kindness. Politeness is the art of showing, by external signs, the internal regard we have for others. Even though a person can be polite to another person without necessarily having a special regard for them. Good Manners I have learned are neither more nor less than Beautful behaviour. I’ve learned that a beautiful form is better than a beautiful face and a beautiful behaviour is better than a beautiful form; It gives a higher pleasure than statues or pictures, in fact…… BEHAVIOUR is the finest of all the arts. The truest form of politeness comes from sincerity. It must be the real outcome of your heart or it will make no lasting impression because no amount of polish can dispense with truthfulness. The natural Character in people must be allowed to appear, freed of its unfinished Qualties and any bitterness that is inculcated within it. Politeness in its best form must resemble water because its best when it is clear; simple and without taste, Smart people always cover many defects in their mannerisms, and a lot can be excused to those of us who are Strong and Original. Without genuineness and my individuality during my 30+ years in prison, my life would have lost much of its interest and the veriety that I spread along with my manliness and the flurishing quality of my true character.
True Courtesys is always KIND and it exhibits itself in the disposition to contrbute to the happiness of others and refrains from anything that annoys them.
True Politeness especially exhibits itself in regard for the personality of others To get RESPECT one must give it.
I respect others views…. Even when they are dfferent from mine.
I compliment others, to secure my RESPECT, by Patiently listening to them as they speak.
I am Tolerant and slow to judge another because harsh judgement provokes harsher judgement.
In conclusion…. Once you have this life thing figured out, Keep adding to it, Keep walking in a positve direction, Keep recognizing the progess and don’t stop…. don’t turn back and for God sake…. Don’t turn from the straight Road.
Because all Parades have their end.

Write to me or J-pay me. I AM

Anthony D. Simmons #A194507
P.O. Box 5500 Unit E1-242B
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

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