Carlton Turner

God Gave Me A Chance, Shouldn’t’ Man Do The Same? by Carlton Turner

When I came 2 prison I was placed N a situation where I basically had 2 turn my environment, unnatural as it may be, N2 a learning experience. A learning experience that has been going on now for more than 23 yrs.

I learned from everyone around me by watching and talking w/ them. It got 2 a point where it became so clearly evident that behind each man there is something so much greater than him. And that is God. God is the only reality.

I believe all of man’s experiences N life R also God’s experiences. We R literally God’s Children. But as a physical creature man is also N a constant growing process. One that is physical and spiritual. And no matter what we always encounter something new 2 learn from. But these new experiences also bring about new opportunities 2 grow. New situations that bring about spiritual development.

Everyone I encountered taught me something and gave me an experience. Whether good R bad it was an experience I learned from. And each experience always brought me 2 the realization that God engineers things 2 go the way they do for a reason. A Divine reason.

When I was a kid I made a mistake that led me 2 prison w/ a life sentence. But the mistake wasn’t w/ any crime I committed. The mistake I made was in placing faith N man. It was man’s twisted words ( my attorney’s ) that I trusted, which is what led me 2 entering N2 a bad plea deal.

I’m in prison b/c a racist white man proclaiming 2 B a police officer pulled his gun on me and tried 2 kill me w/ it. He shot at me twice B4 I was able 2 wrestle the gun away from him during a vicious struggle. I was only 18 and a 140 lbs. at the time. I was absolutely scared 2 death I was going 2 die. The guy I was struggling w/ was a full grown, big boned white man who the police dept. allowed 2 go around w/ a badge even though he wasn’t a policeman N any official capacity.

I know 4 a fact God intervened and saved my life that day. There’s no physical way possible I should’ve survived that encounter. That day was Judgement Day between us. And for some reason God chose me 2 live. But man is trying 2 keep me in prison until I die behind this situation.

N the end who’s laws matter most importantly? God’s laws R constant. Man’s laws R constantly changing. If God chose 2 spare me 2 go on 2 live my life then who is man that he should take my life away b/c of an act of self-defense?

Carlton Turner
DOC #372940

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  1. It touched me to read on your experience. The hatred and I do not hate, was intense. The phrases we use as if they mean something, like the millennium, means shit. In this day how do they constantly abuse their power in the glare of cameras. The system is rotten to the core, embedded over generations. I feel for you bruv


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