They took a shot at my brain!!! by Travis Tucker

When I sit back and think of my child hood day’s,It excites my mind to know that I thought I was crazy,I mean i was definitely unstable and confused.I was told that I had severe mental issues to say the least,While I acknowledge that I was different from most kids in term’s of temperament and way of thinking.I can’t draw up a sound reason or cause for my mentality,I was naturally different! And this different lead me to alternative school’s followed by appointment’s with psychologist and different mental health so call expert’s.My mother from my opinion was so poor and uneducated that she misunderstood my energy and passion for a evil force,I did express this energy in a dangerous way that I thought was humorous,like waking her up in a mask with a butcher knife.Yeah,if you think this was demented I’m with you!However I never had intentions to cause her or no one harm,this was a weird way that I got excitement from.To this day I’ve never hurt anyone,I’ve never killed anyone,And I naturally reject violence though I know it’s sometimes necessary.To this day this mentality exist within me and I express it through joking with my comrade’s about serious issues to see they reaction and I get a kick out of it!However I’ve since start to acknowledge that this style of humor only is funny to me and can cause real conflict.So I stopped it mostly,What I found out was that I really had no problem with my peers though I didn’t really like hanging out with people,I think that being poor I was embarrassed to mingle with people when I was young,I think poverty and a lack of self love and knowledge of self scarred me beyond measure.I didn’t know who I was and what was right or wrong,I became a savage in the pursuit of happiness.I had no real confidence to go at female’s I really admired and wanted to go out with.I thought that I wasn’t good looking enough so my social skills was beat up and battered to a degree,I still managed to find my way and break some of these barriers.My mother convinced me and the state that I was crazy and I was given a ssi check for which I’ve never questioned what does that mean?I was placed on physic medication and sent to every special school in the 7 cities.I had start to believe I was crazy,I use to fight with my teacher’s and any and all authority figures.I stop taking the medicine it never done anything for me,I came to realise that indeed my attention span was short and that I was hyper all the time and boredom led me to trouble,I didnt know how to control my condition and lashed out on those who didn’t understand me,and I use to bump my head a lot and made a lot of irrational moves it is a blessing that I’m still alive!However,I noticed a pattern that anytime I put my mind to any task that I would gain a mastery over it quickly.And that I had a unique way of seeing thing’s. As well as expressing what I see,I learned that I was a sponge for knowledge and that learning was fundamental and teaching was a duty as well as a outlet for my anger of all the year’s I stumbled around blindly.I’ve had to endure cruelties and conditions that no man,no child should ever experience!!!I’ve been spit on,Kicked while I was down,Out right left for dead and abandoned by those I loved and sacrificed everything for.I’ve been treated like a black man in north america!Through it all I endured all these climate’s and somehow survived the insanity of this world.Dear mom this world turned me ice cold.I’m relearning how to love,how to feel,how to care and not personalise what I described as disloyalty from family and friend’s I’ve had one visitation the entire 17 year’s I’ve been incarcerated.I haven’t seen my kids yet.Though we communicate and I do my duty to the best of my ability of being a father while in prison with little to no support.I learned that I’m not crazy at all but beautiful and I feel I am a divine force/expression of the universe in a form of light for humanity.I think that I had to endure these climate’s to truly elevate to the mind I’ve became,And though I still and probably to some degree always yearn for things of this world,I know what my purpose and duty is in life.And that’s to teach and lead,I will carry the torch fearlessly for all oppressed people who suffer from the brain trauma of this world.We have been and continue to be conditioned by a small percent of people who exert control over our media who feeds us by way of news,program’s,Food companies,Books etc.Our very own political system and religious beliefs don’t belong to us,they were made for us by individuals with some of the most sinister intentions you can imagine.Turn off your TV for a minute and look at your life?What is it that you control that you can truly call your on?The government is God and your at it’s mercy,the government has formulated our heaven and hell.And his politics is his system that govern our reality,This system gave me 40 years for arm robbery 28 of it for one gun!The problem is not the rich that inherited this system but the people who participate in this game of imperialism and white supremacy that binds poor people of color to endless prison’s and the murders of foreign entities,men women and children for you to eat hot dog’s,and watch cable.Our leader’s are the biggest gangster’s on earth in suits while appearing civilized,Creating or help coordinating one of the biggest genocidal crimes on humanity this world has ever seen,That they will justify amongst themselves as for the well being of the future of this earth.Its no coincidence China is one the most populated countries on earth.These politics will stop as soon as we stop playing them.Nothing can be without the people,We have to put hate to the side and join arms to take our country back,our leader’s failed us.I have zero trust and faith and our government,Let’s take the pins out of our heads and start the healing process.

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway corr center
burkeville,va 23922
P.o box 488

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