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My name is Jibreel Vaughn and I am 44 years young. I’m from Trenton New Jersey and set be be released from prison 2026, if not sooner, God willing.
I;ve been incarcerated since 1995 and have dedicated my prison experience to changing my life, work on returning to society, and helping my community.
I have accomplished great deals since my confinement. I am a master barber. I currently work as a paralegal helping the inmate population with litigating their cases. I am a recently published author of a book entilted “The Breaking of the Cuban Link: A glimpse at the relationship between the young men and the old men, the disconnect between the two and how do we make amends.”
I believe the subject matter of my book is my life’s mission and I look forward to all comments, suggestions, and concerns on the matter. You can reach me at the following:

Jibreel Vaughn #312079
P.O Box 861
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

Stay safe!!

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  1. I will purchase the book and provide my feedback. Great Job! You are still completing the work. Continue to grow in love and in faith. Our FATHER is with you!


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