Jacob Smith

Let Me In, by Jacob Smith

Come with me to a special place
where people come and have fun
without disgrace. Open your arms to
me and let me in because when you
do I’ll always be with you. Days go by
to touch every cloud in the sky and
please remember you can always
have some pie. Open your arms I’m
here for you I maybe gone but I can
see blue.

I open my arms to let you in but I’m
finally going to win. Come with me
and you will see what this place is to
me. God has open arms to all in need
just open your heart and let him in. I
am just a man who can find a passion
with going to heaven without askin.

Open your arms and let me in I know
what your feeling deep within. I see
life a different way so come on down
this way because god has something
to say.

Jacob smith
DOC #747143

Categories: Jacob Smith, poems

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