Charles Dorsey

A GREAT REVOLUTION, by Charles Dorsey

If you’re not standing up, you’re lying down.

We are no doubt witnessing a great revolution. We are in the midst of great social change. Life as we know it will never be the same, cannot be the same. One of the great tragedies that I am witnessing is the persistent desire by many to get back to business as usual. This attitude is proof that many of us are asleep and many of us are in denial. In order to survive this social upheaval we must embrace the change, we must recognize the new, fresh opportunities that are before us, nationally as well as globally.

We have the opportunity to right our past wrongs that have caused us to be so separated and in my opinion has precipitated this pandemic. If nothing else, this pandemic has taught us that no man is an island unto himself, that we are all a part of the main. As one great writer stated, ” Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” What affects one affects all. What I do to you I am literally doing it to myself.

America, and Virginia in particular, has a great opportunity to do right by those of us who are incarcerated by releasing those who have proven that they have done all the necessary work and have proven by adhering to the standards set forth by the Department of Corrections that we can be an asset to society. They have a legal and moral right to protect those of us who because of underlying medical conditions are more vulnerable to Covid -19. The director of Corrections, Harold Clarke , stated in a memo dated April 24, 2020, “COVID-19 Offender Wellness Information to ALL OFFENDERS, “Please remain confident in the fact that your safety remains the utmost importance.” We will certainly see f this is the truth.

This pandemic is a solemn warning to America that if they don’t do what is right, the Almighty will rain down more plagues on this land. Those of you who know your Bible, know that this isn’t the first time that this has happened. Remember the children of Israel in bondage to Egypt? How the slaves (inmates) were forced to work for free? The Bible says that those things that were written in the olden days were written as a warning to us that we won’t commit the same acts as they did and suffer the same consequences. Jesus said in Matthew 24th chapter that these things (adverse weather, famines, pandemics, etc) are a sign that the end is near. He also said that this is just the beginning of sorrows. Those out there in society must begin to demand that this country reform its prison system, because society is the one who elected those who hold the decision-making power. Anyone who stands by silent while these injustices go on in the prison system is just as guilty as those who are acting directly.

Now is the crucial moment in human history, our future will be what we make it. We no longer have the luxury of waiting, we must decide right now which side of history we will end up on. If we judge ourselves then we won’t be judged by the Almighty God. Peace!

As I was just about to send this message there was breaking news that another inmate at Deer field Correctional Center has died from complications of the Corona Virus. The Commonwealth of Virginia must move faster to deal with its inadequate facilities or release those of us with underlying medical issues that make us more vulnerable to this disease. I myself have a chronic case of leukemia that .makes my contracting this disease a literal death sentence. I don’t believe the public is aware of the danger that men and women face inside. WE WERE NOT SENTENCED TO DEATH!

Charles Dorsey
DOC #1126323


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