Anthony Cockroft

Unconditional Love, by Anthony Cockroft

Love is deeper than than eye
it’s a symbol of divine order
Love will believe when no one else will
grabbing your hand when you’re drowning under water
Love maintain it’s status
no matter what’s the distance
giving you an ear to confide in
when no one else will listen
Love sees when there’s no light
trusting in the rhythm in its heart
Love will help you to be strong
so you can get pass the start
Love is forever
its there thru better or worst
not there just glorying you when you’re blessed
but by your side when times feel curse
Love sees you
when the world walk pass
it label you first
when you thought of as last
Love is light
that lay with you when its dark
when Love is pure
it will not play with your heart
Love will make you smile
when trials and tribulations have made you sad
Love will lift you up when you’ve fallen
and to ones life Love always add


Anthony Cockroft #469497
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

email: jpay

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