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Breaking Every Chain,
[ Originally written 4/25/19]

page .1.
by ras’ safidi-dawud
ibn eL-sihd negus of RSF,8P.M


I’m a five percenter,
not a five pretender.
Wise words manifest from my brain. From the center of planet Earth
To the outter planet Jupiter,
My very make-up break chains.
From chains of physical oppression, to the chains of spiritual upliftment, my DNA strain is a chain.
I’m connected like the past perspective, except my lineage is a Mooraqan chain. And I ain’t asked for permission, I just spelled out my name.
Lined up in a perfect sequence,
Five, Six, Seven maintained.
When I present the scientifics related to breaking chains. I’ll rely on the mathematics of breaking every chain.

To achieve this noble objective, the breaking of physical every chain , I first had to study alchemy, that I would know how a chain was made. Because if a slave was made how a chain was made, my base metal is mind matter. And it is imperative that there is where my break is made if I am to have my mind matter. Metamorphic mind potential consciously connecting with the sub-conscious. Unconsciously disconnecting with the hyper sensitive world conscious. My capabilities super- exceed any need to be freed by thieves. I’m concentrated on my cervical and cerebral nervous systems being the keys that will free me. I’m a God, I aint no Pirate!!! I chart the skies while sailing the sees. To Break Every Chain is the very nature that the Great Ancestor birth inside of me. I’m an Asiatic mastermind it took several ages to occasion me. I ain’t never been enslaved in the European cemetery I just been watching the devils sleep.

In every breath I take I break a link in mans chain, just like I break records, ripping through the carbon fibers of the earths material scheme. I’m anti-gravity, for my minds eye fly welcome, each day I resurrect dark earth surfacing hells son. Disconnection is the new connection, all dying for hell to come. Die slow an embrace you death, be they standard of breaking every chain. But I be dam if I surrender my eternal life existence in exchange for false hope and change. I’m breaking every chain by simply getting away, separating my self from H.I.M, Rome and H.E.R bastard estates. Silence is my solace. Just-ICE and freeze away. Nitric- Oxide mixed with fluoride hydrogen? whose to say what else it takes? All water ain’t well, and all wisdom ain’t right. Peoples question all throughout the day, but very few appreciate the night. I’m all too amused by the know it alls knowing nothing. Closed mindedness is bliss and confusion is better than nothing. Ignorance is a choice, we free to just ignore. I free with poor righteous teachings, but human errors will attract even more. I learn from human errors but natural lessons I employ.
Nature gathers, I give me living life as it was before.

I’m content in my astral salvation, memory glands that extend past trans-portation. Re- formation, or Kon- formation? False hopes of emancipation from the imperialist TIME exploitation. Give me Privacy, or Take my Death!! I’m just expounding on the chains. These prisons aren’t modern day slave plantations, they’re counterfeit operations for the Vatican Bank. The United Nations don’t care about us, so why not break every chain? Nelson Mandela had his Rules adopted but the Geneva convention looks away. What’s the standards on domestic torture when the U.S. Government tortures prisoners for sport and game? The hunter gone become the hunted, you just watch and pay attention. The American Bar Association is the C.I.A and the lawyer Guild is Civil War instigation.

Continued on… Page/ Blog .2.

David S. Cauthen, Jr. #V92805
Satf- Cor D3:144
P.o. Box 5242
Corcoran, Ca. 93216

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