Tony Lewis

From a Prisoner to a Warden, by Tony Lewis

The purpose within this proposal packs a powerful punch to the heart…Brace yourself.

Greetings Warden of Lansing Correctional Facility:

First and foremost, before I touch on the purpose within this proposal, I must first congradulate you, on a certain accomplisment I heard you’ve achieved; for as I ate chow I overheard two men converse, about you and the history of this prison.
It was through my easedropping, that I learned you are this prison’s first Female to become its’ Warden.
If what they claim is true, I personally, want to give you praise, for that… is a commendable acheivement, and not only that… but a positive point for your team- Womanhood. Again Miss Meyers, congradulations.
However, lets not remain still on the title of ”Warden”, for that shouldnt be the only depht to your accolade.

With your support of this proposal, I can guarantee that it will bring exposure to this facility, in ways which are uncommon; and the reason for that is because for decades Lansing Correctional Facility has lived up to its’ handle, as being the Devil’s Playground, by its’ continous outbreaks, of negativity and violence. But I assure you, through this proposal we can truly shift the stigma which lingers over the reputation of this place, being nothing more than a castle of chaos and corruption.
Miss Meyers on behalf of my peers who want to make a difference, Im seeking your support and approval, for us to raise several thousand dollars.
We dont plan to use this money to promote a party, for a pack of pimps and players. What were hoping to put this money towards is change and hope- something our Country and World is in dire need of.
If we obtained your approval, we could raise this money to direct it towards a cause most people overlook, and some… even ignore. This cause I speak of, is for an organization of Angels, called OperationSmile.

OperationSmile uses donated monies to pay their team, of qualified surgeons and other members of their medical staff, to operate hope into the lives of many unfortunate children, who were cursed at birth, with a rare deformity called cleft.

The night I came upon OperationSmile, televsing all of their efforts at making a difference, I couldnt look away, for the images it protrayed was of helplessly depressed children. Immediately, their problems coiled around my heart like some sort of compassionate constrictor. And as I continued to watch, my concern began to delve deeper into their dilema.
Im Man enough, to admit to you today, it was a struggle muffling my sobs, which pierced the quietness of the night on the cellblock I reside.
If a person ever told me I needed soul searching, Im certain I found it the night I watched and listened to a woman, explain why OperationSmile does the things it does.
Im certain I discovered the heart most assumed I was without the moment my eyes grew misty from hearing how harsh those innocent children are oftentime treated by their peers.
Toddlers, humilated and ostracized, all because they were pushed or pulled out into this world al little different than the next. Everytime I think of it- it, bieng their reality- I cringe with self shame. And honestly, I despise myself in retrospect, because I can easily recall all the moments I muttered misfortune, wishing I was a little bit lighter ( complexion wise) or, that my head wasnt shaped so oddly as it is, when in all actuality I shouldve been grateful and appreciative of the God-given features I’d deemed God-given flaws.
But what broke my core even more, was the fact that not all families in need receive relief, even when relief finally arrives.
From my undestanding, when OperationSmile goes into these poor countries to perform those surgeries, familes with altered children gather to recieve their blessing, but unfortunately, due to a lack of man power, not every family-in-need walks away with happy.
I remember the look of hurt on one woman’s face as she realized her child wasnt selected to be ”fixed”; but she wasnt the only one.
Many other children were also smacked with the same reality- that for another coarse of time, they would have to cope with having to face very few people who wanted to look at them.
I scoff, as I try to envision life as one of those children. And again…I must stress that these are kids were talking about.
The truth of the matter is simple: these children deserve a normal upbringing, and TOGETHER we can make that happen.

This is how….

* * *

This concludes the first part of this proposal. If your intrested in reading how this prisoner plans to help raise this money, please do read the second part, which will be posted also on

Tony T Lewis
DOC #98308

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