The Purpose of Knowledge, by Gilbert Merritt

Why should we gain education?. What is education?.What is the purpose of education?. No one should go after knowledge with a vain motivation. If all we want out of knowledge is a good home, a decent car and a little money, than we failed to see the the real purpose for the creation by the God of knowledge.The holy Qur’an teaches that God established the heaven and earth with truth.The Bible teaches that God established the heavens and earth with wisdom. So we are birth into a house of knowledge. The holy Qur’an teaches us that, if all the trees were as pens and all the seas with seven more seas added to them were as ink you could never exhaust the words of God.

What’s the purpose of knowledge? The purpose for knowledge is to free the development of the human being until that human grows into divine and become a true manifestation of the characteristics of God. If the purpose of knowledge is to evolve man into a true manifestation of God, Than the hunger for knowledge is a natural desire in the human being that should never be frustrated. The Holy Qur’an teaches that man in his first state is nothing to speak of. Right now my people we are in our first state along a path of human developmentYet we are long long way from where you and I yet have to go. No don’t hear nobody glorifying the caves. And one day we will not look back at this stage of our development. We will have evolved so far above where we are that we will never speak of this condition that we find ourselves in. In the Holy Qur’an the Angel jabril came to the prophet Muhammad during the month of Ramadan and utter the word Iqra which means read in Arabic. The word appears in the 96th chapter of the Holy Qur’an entitled the Clot. Verses 1-5.It’s only through reading that you’re intelligence developed. When you open a book, it look like a bird with wings. When you learn to read with understanding, when you can open the book of knowledge, when you can truly understand what you are reading, than that is when you began to soar like a bird with wings. There is no condition that we suffer from that we cannot rise from without knowledge. I was not the oppressed because I’m black,I was the oppressed because I was ignorant.. It is ignorance that keeps us on the bottom. The blackness that we must fight against is not the blackness of our skin but the blackness of our ignorance is something we must remove.As long as you don’t open a book, as long as you don’t know how to read with understanding, you will always be looking at somebody else crying about your conditions, but it’s not anybody fault. You have to get up and learn what there is in order to evolve. Where are you on the scale of human development?. The mind is created to feed on truth. When you feed on truth you think in harmony with the truth. You think Right!!!. When you feed on lies, you feed on that which is against the nature of the cell of the brain, and destroy the beauty of the brain cell. The more you think against the truth , the uglier you become spiritually,mentally and even physically. This is how important it is for us to be taught right It is the knowledge of self that we lack which keeps us from enjoying Freedom, Justice and Equality.Knowledge of self equal love for self, and love for self will have you to do for self. Why?, love is the capacity for the desire and concern of growth, well being and development of a person. One of the gravest handicap among us is the lack of love for self,nor love for his/her on kind. A man that loves everybody love’s nobody. Man is created in need and he/she goes about his whole life in pursuit of fulfillment.

Gilbert Merritt
DOC #1150619

email: @Jpay. com

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