A Little Piece of Me, by Jesse Bays

hi my name is jesse bays im 32 yrs old born in LA but live in toledo ohio im lock up toldeo prison i started my bid in 2014 at lucasville super max and now m here in my back yard lol forreal tho i get out june 15 2022but i love to speak my mind and to who will listen to me well i have had bad life style and i got lack of help to guide me in the right decisions so now im almost done with my time i dont want to come back to this i want abetter life for myself and want to learn new ways to cope wih my depression because the mental heath people dont care if we kill our self or not well here is what i look like

Jesse Bays
DOC #A705113

Categories: depression, Jesse Bays

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  1. Jesse, I hope you find a better life after prison and that you live it to the fullest. Stay strong and stay positive.


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