David Cauthen

by David Cauthen

L1 CIPHER press Presents
The New Jim Crow, Covered in the Dark Cipher, (C.I.T.D.C) by Ras’ safidi-dawud,
Master K.G. Supreme, and C.W. El-Bey of
Iya wala Productions

The wizards of OZ
Its funny how lady Michelle opens the second chapter of the NJC with the leader, ‘The Lockdown [Read Michelle Alexander, ‘New Jim Crow, Pg. 55] So much so, the members of this local New African Study group had to cut the tape, in order to speak to the nature of the lockdown, asking, “Is the lock down or is it ON?” As it is put forth in the previous build, the principal contradiction (PC) within the amerikKka is one that is rooted in nationalist determination Oppressor Nation Integration (ONI) V. Proletariat Nationalist Independence (PNI). Jumping off the porch from the perspective of #If Black Lives Matter (#IBLM) FREE LARRY HOOVER, SR. Free Eugene Harrison !! Free Jeff Fort!! Free All political FWLO Leaders.

How long will the most exploited of the internal simi-colonies U.S. Oppressed nation be baby fed with the long handled wooden spoon? That is to ask the question to that of the information being released to and about prisoners, and former prisoners. Where does it come from and why is it always saturated in spookie European folklor /fairy tails? Is there truly a shadow government, ran by secret societies who control information, and withhold intelligence from the general population, for the sake of social population control? Shadow governments who manipulate the worlds nations to serve an imperialist interest, driven by the blood thirst of the natural resource sucking bourgeoisie, better identified as the modern day vampiers?

As spookie as it sounds, it must be said. If the CIA once upon a time was referred to as spooks in the shadows, collecting intelligence from amongst the nationalist movements, solely for the sake of manipulating this information, in order to misinform the general population, than what must members of the Revolutionary Nationalist Movement call those who display behavior that greatly resembles spookism?? Police behavior.

Yea, we could use language that is more appeasing, or short toned, like the word reactionary. But some times there is a power in using simple language. When we political prisoners, FWLO Leaders, use language in its Proletariat form, that state where language is used to empower those of humanity, who have been disenfranchised, so that they may be empowered. We will learn to call a spook a cop, and a police a pig. For the sake of laying forth lines that clearly distinguish us from them, establishing a demarcation in the first world between intergrationalism V. Liberation. When May 5th, of every year becomes the national Holy day for liberation movements struggling to separate themselves and their national interest from the bourgeoisie, that includes the national bourgeoisie. Afriqan nationalist will trully then have a foot to stand on, what the Bobo-Ashanti, Nyabinghi Rastafari describes as the five- by- five program. You live by the fire, you die by the fire.
Which brings us to the point of page 55, ‘The New Jim Crow, and a local condition for California Prisoners, the Criminal Justice system. But before we get too far into discussion of that man’s law, we must ask, ‘What is justice in California? What is the flag that it flies under?

In the knowledge of these things, surely we may come to the wisdom of what is to be done to affect justice in this current hour. Let’s open the build with a lesson in California Historical Facts that effect the current state of affairs for California Prisoners.

[1]. The Bear Flag was designated California’s state Flag by legislative enactment in 1911. It is patterned after the historic flag flown at Sonoma on June 14, 1846 by a group of amerikkkan settlers in revolt, which ended on July 9th 1846. The general designated details of the BEAR Flag are set forth in the Government code 420. That there is the state Flag of california.

Before I go too deep inside the meaning and significance of flags in this world, and those hereafter, let us break the seals which bond everything under the flag.

[2]. The design for the Great Seal of the State of California was adopted at the constitution convention in 1849, Thirty- one stars are displayed, one for each state, which comprised the union following the admission of California, September 9th, 1850. Beneath those stars appears the motto, ‘Eureka’ (in Greek: ‘I have found it”) The peaks of the sierra Nevada stand for the grandeur of nature. Shipping on the San Francisco Bay typifies commerce. A minor laboring with pick, rocker and pan represents industry. Agriculture wealth is seen In a sheaf of wheat and clusters if grapes. Keeping watch over this tableau is the armored figure of Minerva who, in classical Roman mythology, was the goddess of wisdom. Like the political Birth of California, she was born full grown from the brain of Jupiter, father of the gods and guardian of Law and Order. At her feet stands a Grizzly Bear, Independent and formidable, symbolizing the state of California.

Now, I would like to go into the terminology of Law and Order, as this is the second time it has surfaced in this dialogue. Especially as it is related to some Father of the Gods named Jupiter, because what I was told from the jump, is that there is a separation between Church and State when it comes to the government controllers. Why in the hell is there a Roman goddess sitting in authority over the affairs of man? And, when is the last time she had her period? Is she attracted to Afriqan men? And, if she is, to what means is she willing to go in order to get her some Afriqan men?

*This cipher completes in further* transition. To be continued due to 6000 characterization restriction by Jpay media app. Continue reading Pt.2 of this entry, ‘The New Jim Crow, (C.I.T.D.C)

David S.Cauthen, Jr #v92805
Csatf, CSP D3:144
p.o. Box 5242
Corcoran Ca. 93212

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